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RE: This is why Nigeria is not a cryptocurrency hotspot

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The United States is doing exactly the same thing. It is forcing companies to look elsewhere. Ripple is leaving the US and seeking another country for their headquarters. This follows a list of others like exchanges that fled the US borders.

It is up to individuals to embrace cryptocurrency and the hell with governments and companies. We can make our own way, given enough time and development. In the intern, each of us can position ourselves much better for wealth creation by filling our bags. The next bull run will make a lot of money for millions of average Janes and Joes.

The question is whether one is involved or not.

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The reason I like crypto companies is because the average person tends to trust them. Also, their large wallets provide a shit ton of liquidity and some level of guarantee for the average Joe and Jane.

Other than that, they're actually pretty good at onboarding the masses to crypto and because they're interested in lining their pocket, they will do plenty market. The knock on effect is that, while they bring people into their platform, along the line, there will be a certain number of people who will simply just want to go solo.

The next bull run can't come any sooner. In the meantime, I'm improving my position for it.

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