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RE: The Rise and Fall of Oligarchy In a POS system and The Woes of Speculators

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Very interesting piece @mistakili.

Hence, we see the forming of Power holders concentrated in a small circle, and then we cry of Oligarchy . Human's are funny.

Yes this is rather ironic. A drop in token price is the perfect opportunity for smaller accounts to add to their stake, and percentage wise, increase their standing. HIVE at 50 cents makes it harder to grow an account, through purchase, than when it is at 20 cents.

This is a process we see each time the token price drops. Who is taking advantage of it and powering up?

Of course, not to be overlooked is the wealth that is starting to form within some of the Tribes and games. This offers people another huge opportunity to get rewarded.

Steemleo put out a post yesterday detailing how many authors are earning more in LEO than in HIVE (even in USD terms).

It is all very interesting to see how it progresses forward.

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Thank you tasky. I'm scrolled through the post earlier, I didnt think to open it, but now I will. Thanks. Plus im happy to burn the fees and pay the price for not posting through Leofinance. Im adding to the economy