Ethereum Has Not Reached The Real Price Yet

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The cost of Ethereum (ETH) has risen again to another record high of $ 1,680 according to "coingecko", yet it has yet to be underestimated in stages for a cryptocurrency exchange.

The cost of Ethereum money has skyrocketed in recent days, with cash reaching another peak of $ 1,680.

This comes on the back of positive news, regardless of whether it is identified with the resumption of the Ethereum Fund or the regular publishing of Ethereum as a decade of fate.

I think Ethereum has not yet been underestimated.

At $ 1,600, Ethereum is not undervalued ...

Likewise, since there are no limitations to internet discretion, the potential for decentralized applications and discovery is limitless in the long run.

Ethereum's cost soared in most of the exchange stages and surpassed the $ 1,600 estimate, and hit new peaks, and information from the alternatives market points to extraordinary actions on Ethereum and an increase in revenue in the crypto market when all is said, adding to the initiation of Ethereum's cost rise to levels. Undeniably new.

The increase in traffic on the Ethereum blockchain shows that the cost of Ethereum is in the area of ​​new value disclosure, as noted by the specialists.

After Ethereum's cost broke its $ 1,600 high without a precedent to date, scientists said the decisive move in the Ethereum network was similar to the numbers seen in 2018 near the end of the last bull market cycle.

Ethereum unexpectedly breaks the $ 1,600 barrier and enters the value disclosure phase.

  • Average daily regular Ethereum exchanges reach an increase of 80% (1 million daily natural rate)

  • 50 million titles hold ETH cash, another record.

At the hour of creating this post, Ethereum again approached an hourly high of $ 1680 and we could see new numbers soon.


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I just saw headlines that some folks believe a target to 10k!

I think that too