Tell Me Why Hive Won't Thrive? Latest Twitter Hack - Mayhem!!!

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Hive is pretty much ahead of its time, we keep saying this but I don't know for how long more. Our very popular and mainstream social medium was hacked tonight, Twitter, it was fun to watch most businesses and business persons posting ridiculous giveaways asking for bitcoin and scamming people who fell for it.

Imagine, I log into my twitter account and see a tweet from a verified account I follow and trust asking me to take some actions, of course I'd be reasonable about it but I'd give it attention, the same way some people actually did and fell for tonights scam by following their mentors tweets(fake) and loosing thousands of dollars.


In less than one hour, up to 8 accounts had deposited their bitcoin into the directed wallets waiting for their massive gains, funny how people can be gullible, but it is also interesting how technology has already solved this problem by implementing robust and advanced infrastructures that make such operation impossible called the blockchain, Hive to be particular as it greatly relates with social media.

In the last post I made about why Blockchain will be the future of websites, this is a practical example of another reason that proves my claims, which I didn't even cover in that post or highlighted properly.


I'm not saying all Blockchains are impenetrable, each is depending on their mode of operation. In the decentralized ecosystem, firstly there is no central server that stores the data of the site or platform, this already makes it difficult for hackers to gain access to all the data on the entire network.

A practical example was what happened on Twitter, the hacker gained access to the central server, probably leading to accessing users private login information and data including direct messages of targeted prominent "verified" accounts! It was a mess! But it was only the tip of the ice berg.

Let's examine this scenario, these hackers went after prominent accounts probably based on some agenda.

Because they could have used less prominent accounts with rather less/insignificant attention rate, which are more difficult to detect and more prone to people falling victim of/for and gotten away with millions and ruined many lives and businesses.

This cannot be the future we are fighting for! Could this be a warning? Or a call to action. Is this signifying the need for a social medium that is impenetrable from its core?

Is the world already begging for Hive without knowing it?

Through the DPOS consensus mechanism the community is able to put the security of the platform in the hand of capable witnesses who they've entrusted with their stakes to take pragmatic steps at any form of attack as we watched play off on Steem blockchain.

So I'm right to assertain that social media on a blockchain like hive is the future.

Check these gems out









This one was funny as fuck


Even @god gave out bitcoin, hilarious and annoying that the world is being subject to such operations.




This is no longer a joke. This has gone too far but guess what, there's a solution. Hive.



However, funny thing is while there's a solution, it comes at a cost, in the future people will look back on Hive price today and remember it was just 0.something, sadly it has a limited supply, so there can't be one for everybody, social media is just one aspect of Hive's solution to the world, by the time Hive spends a decade, what I'm saying will make more sense.

Maybe I'd be able to find this post and say I said so. On the other hand, Hive is still pretty much developing and getting more robust by the day. The shift is inevitable, its probably time you made that move.

On the bright side as @nathanmars has said, this is good for Hive, at least now people know they need an alternative, better and more advanced platform for storing and sharing information.

Hopefully by morning things will be back to normal, else I might just send my 50$ bitcoin and triple it too you know. Lol. Jokes, I don't even have 50$ bitcoin lol. Hive is pretty much ahead of its time, we keep saying this but I don't know for how long more.

Thank you for reading, stay safe out there


Excellent post! I wasn't even aware of the Twitter Hack. That is really serious!

As about Hive, I think the fork just gave it a new force!

The community proved that they have the power. And at the edge of a dystopic scenario as Steem came to be, Hive just proved to be the utopian blockchain solution that we have been dreaming about!

It showed characteristics os an antifragile system!

Keep up the good posting and the hive safe!

Now tell me why Hive won't thrive! Thank you for your comment


12.9 bitcoins were moved in the scam.(rumour)

It's not just about blockchain for social media. Eventually we need to get to the point of having Elections on the Blockchain. What would happen to people crying election fraud when you could prove every vote on an immutable ledger?

This exact topic was discussed on the post I wrote recently about the proof of human blockchain, Idena Blockchain

I guess the future will need a reputation system backed by blockchain. Maybe Hive can incorporate such, maybe.

That essentially cemented the future of crypto as SCAMMY. Blockchain has always had a future but the premises of easy money is why the cult of "when moon" destroyed crypto as the solution people believe it is.

It's hard to accept when one is a fool,
When fools be all around you.

That essentially cemented the future of crypto as SCAMMY.

Nopes, a tool is only a tool, it depends on how you use it. Crypto is just a tool my friend, like a pen knife.

Easy money syndrome.....thats personal, but sadly popular.

This shift is inevitable.

Your last sentences are always the killer ones😂

That's when shit hits the fan! I went to be around 22:00 and missed this drama.
Well some people don't listen, some don't even know Twitter was hacked. This is another benefit of being on Hive you get not to miss out on the latest news.
Hive the future!

Lol hope you had a nice sleep. Good morning to you from Nàijà...

Im sure you slept well knowing your data is safe from centralized entities

I don't have to worry about my data bro.
A very good morning to you, enjoy the day ahead.

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Very well written 👍

Thanks Brad, just gave you a follow. See you around

Your welcome. followed back.

Great post. This shows how big the thing is getting. Each one of these will only make Hive more attractive.

Hopefully Hiverr gets going quickly and provides an alternative to Twitter.

It is good to see people like Dan keep hammering away at the twitter feeds.

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You're seriously deranged man.

A positive?

Not: the hack showed how many fools are in crypto that they really did think doubling was that easy.

Yeah bro .. MOON.

Why are you blaming people for being financially irresponsible? Yes crypto will continue to be a wild west where users are responsible for their funds than relying on central authorities who can take the funds from them.

Anyone can opt out if they dont feel they can handle it

Chances are those that fell for the scam are first timers sadly. It should serve as a lesson as well....they won't do it again.

Lol point is..
Sharks know sardines easy prey.
Sardines think sharks "friendly whales"

Which do you want to be my friend?

Lol neither.
You're OWNED to think that's all there is.
Money is a necessity but enrichment of one's existence is not found by it, or chasing it.
And it's definitely not granted to those that deceive the clueless.

This place is a network marketing low rewards operation.
Look at @theycallmedan giving out $1.30 for shilling on Twitter. By mainly third world inhabitants. They work for that candy.
It's done because it's easy.
Results though....
You tell me.
Stats you provided even.
Show dismal results.

If the product is right.
Masses come, naturally.

Maybe the product just isn't what all here in this here MLM, claim it to be.

We are on twitter Hiving all the wayyyy.

All roads lead to Hive

Wow! Great News Share @mistakili
I was unaware of this..when will it be the realdonaldtrump's turn??

Lol no one will give Trump their bitcoin, not even by scam lool