Shooting Myself In The Knee Has Never Felt So Right - The Blockchain Way

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I think I'm shooting myself in the knee by being too attached to Hive as a community and as a technology. Hear me out.

If I say my passion is for Hive as a technology, a better system can spring up tomorrow and if I fail to take pragmatic steps in getting myself properly acquainted, remember Hi-Five existed when Facebook took over, I will only miss out and have myself to blame.

If I say my passion is for the Hive community, our aspirations and belief's, that seems to be fine, but the truth is it relies on a lot of people having that same conviction which is where the problem is.

The foundation of every blockchain community relies strongly on 3 important layers, they are:

  • Layer 0
  • Layer 1
  • Layer 2

Layer 0 - This consists of the community, as we know, a community is a group of people who share the same ideals, goals and vision, or simply common interest.

Layer 1 - This consists of the development layer of the technology, this is the part where names like, Graphene, DPOS, Condenser, e.t.c come to play, performing each their operations as programmed by the developers.

Layer 2 - This consists of applications running on Layer 1. They are as important as the other two layers and greatly contribute to the sustenance of the community.

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Think about it, there's Bitcoin - Layer 0, the community, there's Bitcoin - Layer 1, the technology, there's Bitcoin - Layer 2, the application - even though most of the applications we have today are built on other blockchain, we cannot deny that they are only possible because of Bitcoin.

Maybe you don't like Bitcoin as my example, how about Ethereum? All the layers are obviously present and depend on each other.

If we look around us today, there are way more social media blockchain platforms than there were 3 years ago when I got into this space, it took me nearly 2 years to be able to attest to the layers present on Hive technology which is what contributed to my increase in interest, passion and commitment to Hive.

Delving into the discovery of another blockchain social media platform might require me to commit the same amount of attention and energy into it which means I either have to divide myself into two or find a way to rewind time cuz trust me there is no way I'd be able to commit the same amount of energy to a new system than one I already have a better understanding of and can attest to especially on the layer level.

Another option is cross posting or a.k.a posting the same post on different platforms, which to me is the same as posting for rewards, which was the same mistake I made when I first got on here and now highly preach against, posting for rewards. Ultimately, this is not my problem as some people naturally do it based on their reasons, they can handle it, maybe I can't, it doesn't get better than that.

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My expectation is that we are going to be seeing more of this going forward!Everybody wants to decentralize social media, some will even start the Hive way because of its already forming Layer 0, while others will want to start afresh, but my conviction remains that I will only stick to the pieces of tech that satisfy my ideals.

Alternatively this does not mean I might not try, if the system is robust enough to allow easy discovery and understanding of its bits and pieces, I won't mind using it, especially if it has an easy link to myself or my already created works, the coming Blurt blockchain project for example.


Steem Hive pretty much set a standard for me when it comes to involving myself in Blockchain social mediums, perhaps it be a shitty one(standard), it only helps me recognize more shit from far off.

The Layer 0 on Hive is comparable to non as far as I can tell, besides the legacy blockchains and its millions of minions(wallets).

Hive backs its own Layer 1 up with 3secs speed and feeless transactions so that its Layer 2 can exist in a manner that can make the Layer 0 have effortless access to Layer 2 which will in turn make these applications built on layer 2 thrive just as we see on Splinterlands


This is a practical case of good business meets good technology as Splinterlands meets its new all time highs closing in on 5million dollars.


This is a whooping 5.2k per day users, the most used Dapp in the world right here I watched it grow from birth.

As we can see here from Splinterlands, layer 2 totally depends on Layer 1 which depends on Layer 0.

This is what I've observed over the few years, so there's a new social media blockchain? Nice, show me their layers. Don't blame me for not easily being swayed by a new "block on the block"!

Let me have the gun now, kindly look away, you might not want to see this!

Thank you for reading.

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My! This was a really thoughtful perspective. I've always thought that other options will eventually spring up in the future and well I've always thought " what will I do, do?" Honestly I don't know

It is already happening, firstly its hard to even totally manage one, not to commit and manage 2 or 3 or 4, maybe its just me sha.

How you dey?

It's not just you, I feel that it's even difficult to keep up the pace on hive really and imagine the stress of having to keep up with a whole others.

I'm actually good man, I just bought a smaller device and I recovered quickly from my illness, thanks man

Thats cool to know bro, glad youre much better. Ibeg make e no sup again o

Great stuff bro, it is simply impossible to give the same amount of attention I would give Hive for example and Steem, my loyalty and consistency have to lie with one. Being on Hive and seeing projects come and grow is such a good feeling compared to hoping from blockchain to blockchain.

Glad im not alone on this. I do wish all other projects success tho, and will contribute where I can. But as far as now is concerned, I think I'm a Hive original