New Years Eve From The Block

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Another year goes by on the Blockchain and I can't help but wonder what the next big application powered by Blockchain technology will be, perhaps more De-Fi concepts? It seems the industry has given up on trying to produce the next killer blogging platform, most are now trying to focus on De-Fi.

As regards blogging platforms powered by Blockchain, throughout 2016-20 we experienced a number of blogging platforms appear within the space with various modes of operation, some under the Blockchain term, others a standalone, some decentralized, others almost centralized or outrightly centralized or unapologetically centralized,...

....from Steemit to Minds to Hive down to Block one's Voice, all with the aim to revolutionalize content publishing, online communities and monetization while trying to offer censorship resistance and immutability.

Of the many that hit the news, some created more buzz than usual based on the rate of their reputation, popularity and adoption within the masses, one of such being Reddit platform with its Karma, Facebook with Diem, etc...both of which have enormous number of daily active users DAU's.

With the notion of the force with which these two got into the scene, one will think everything concerning content hosting platforms and blockchain have been made ultimately perfect, however sometimes, it is not so, the U.S congress is not letting Facebook have it easy,...., intent, large userbase, reputation etc are just not enough to drive the success of a tech, moreover change is hard.....due to this, only little is being spoken about either project today. Perhaps people are just not ready or the tech isnt...

While non of these protocols are perfect yet, most of the developments are still in their infancy and eventually some will get it right, while others will be forced to close shop or emulate the process of the successful platform's. To an extent, the future of content publishing and what a content hosting platform should ensemble in the next decade has been set in motion.

We've also seen a slow down in the development of Ethereum killers, perhaps people are beginning to accept the fact that all these killer things are but only a facade, if something genuine is created it will stand alone as should and won't need to be a killer to any existing protocol... in my opinion.

2020 didn't give us a lot of new Blockchains as did in the past, the most notable one we did come by was Koinos, the chain that promised to solve a lot of scalability problems most legacy chains presently have, while it is still in development, it holds a lot of potential.

Most projects in 2020 were either trying to stay afloat out of a long term exposure to the longest bear period in history or trying to pick up from scratch out of being born out of the dreadful bear.

We didnt see so much Use cases this year besides DeFi applications, more wallets, cexchanges and the likes...

In hindsight, we mustn't forget that these developments are not a race but the laying of the foundation for the future, many are quick to seek radical changes in the developments of these protocols forgetting how long it takes to create great things, the internet took how many years?

The blockchain sphere is showing itself off as a success, Bitcoin is currently cheering the lead, and its all pretty. I'm hoping 2021 is going to be a great year of cheerful and
illuminating new experiences...

Happy New year from the block.


Happy 2021 brother, wishing you the very best life has got to offer this year and beyond.

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Same to my G! God bless you abundantly this year

I’m all in on hive now. It’s not just that I see this place as having a bright future, it’s that I see a clear way to impact it in a positive way and benefit in return. And there are always things to explore here.

And bitcoin but no need to talk about bitcoin. I just sit on it. Hive I can use!

My hive holdings Compared to the bits i have in other tokens, I certainly can say im also all in on hive. A lot of my faith is still here...


More info why you see this.

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Happy new year Onealfa! Wish you more strength...

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