Blockchain Is The Future Of Websites And Here's Why

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Blockchain technology as an innovation is yet to reach half of its full potential, we are quick to admit to the exceptional effect of the Internet on the world, but when it comes to Blockchain technology more people approach it with a lackadaisical attitude, every single day a development/discovery is made, the picture of the future looks clearer to many of us and myriads of projects brewing out there are either taking us closer to it or helping us develop the tools we will need to get there.

In the future, website's the way we know it today will be long gone and every traditional website will transition to a Dapp(Decentralized application - website powered by blockchain). Frankly, this has begun already, for those who are aware and already use it.

Today we already have websites like Dapp Radar, State of The Dapps
taking the place of traditional websites like Alexa ranking, hear me out, When it comes to site rankings and stuff, everyone goes to Alexa's ranking, we see the list and accept whatever it tells us. But how many people have bothered to go into the details of the algorithms that made up such rankings.

Who care's?

Of course if asked, I'm sure there are some already perfectly crafted answers that the editorial board of the company have spent time and resources crafting so that it fits perfectly, but how do we prove these claims? I'm not saying Alexa is lying though, but why not transparency over trust?

This is part of what Blockchain technology has given to people, the ability to query transparent and immutable operations such that if Alexa says a website is number one, anyone should be able to know why it is so based on verifiable, immutable and transparent information.


Today(again) DappRadar say's Splinterlands is the most used Dapp in the world, yaaay, but that's not my point, my point is that this is information is not generated by some centralized metrics, the information contained in Dapp radar is verifiable on the Hive blockchain with open access to data that can be used to make further indepth analysis, for those that care.


If you'd ask me who says Splinterlands is the most used Dapp in the world, Dapp radar didn't say so, data synched from the blockchain did, this is a screenshot generated from Dapp Radar, diving deeper into the metrics of the reason for their conclusion that Splinterlands is the most used Dapp in the world!

This is different when I ask Alexa ranking for the most used website in the world, it tells me Google, yeah we all sort of know Google could be the most used websites, but what about the 20th most used website, that's gotta count right? But based on what/who's metrics/algorithm? Alexa's? Ofcourse. I've made my point.


Wow awesome metrics, I got this by digging deeper into Alexa's attempt at proving to me that google is the most used website. I applaud Alexa's developers and work sincerely but how can I verify this information on an immutable technology controlled by no central authority?

What if I call this bullshit and am bull horned determined to get to its depth at 2:00am? I maybe mad, but I can do it on the blockchain, once again I think I've proven my point.

So why should anyone care?

It's no doubt that you can't compare the rate of advert placement on any of the top 50 websites to the rate of advert placement with websites ranking in 5000's, it is without doubt that marketers will begin to look towards verifiable metrics for more conversion rates.

Many websites today are botted, generate false and innaccurate data, making marketers and enterpreneurs loose huge amounts of money and lead to zero or little conversion rate because of this. This is a loophole in the internet as a whole, except you are extremely tech savvy.

With the blockchain, as a website owner, you have access to verifiable data that can help reduce the cost of your ad placements on irrelevant metrics and in turn help you generate data to target the areas where your real traffic is coming from, then that data can be better developed and expanded upon for better yield or growth.

So why should'nt anyone care? The transition is inevitable, except of course you want to remain redundant where your cashier inputs "her daily profit" instead of yours. Manipulateable piece of shit balance shit.

So this is where I'm going, according to my source, there are a estimate of 2 billion websites in the world, I couldn't find any data to prove this but we can all agree that majority are powered by Wordpress.

What is Wordpress on a basic level? A content management system, how awesome will it be to have Hive as Wordpress's core, not just Wordpress? But the core of every content creating website and Dapp in the future.

Sorry I digressed a little, back to the blockchain matters, do you know that Splinterlands is in a perfect position to monetize its site views and generate income to use to buy back DEC and make every discount buyer right now rich? I have no idea if this will ever be implemented but having your ad display on the worlds most used Dapp for a day must be worth a thousand bucks! 10,000? 😌 Its fun to think about.

I digressed again, due to these innate characteristics of blockchain, it is the future of websites, Ad placement on the worlds most used dapp will cost differently from those at number 130, accurate data can be used for myriad of things including expansion and developments, its like the first people who started to sell their stuff online, then everybody started doing it or is doing it.

Blockchain is the future of websites, the early birds know this and are already applying it. So while you're planning to start that business, you have to think of the future, because in the world of technology, its easy to phase out, how many people bought MP3 cds anymore after you could download it online compared to those that did buy?

The world will have no choice than to evolve, as they embraced the cell phone with how difficult it is for my 70year old dad to use, they will embrace the Blockchain technology and those that will find it easy will, especially when they have to, I mean, I'd rather employ a crypto savvy individual as a cashier than a noob in the future.

Think crypto is cool? You ain't seen nothing yet. While I continue to do my research about the future of tech, decentralized ecosystems, write and play Splinterlands, yall programmers out there continue setting the pace for the future.

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Indeed blockchain has a great futre not for websites only but in the business world also. It all depends upon blockchain enthusiast to promote it. Thanks for sharing a nice publication.
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Joined the community already thanks for the invite, well I guess we will all play our parts.

Cheers hommie

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Pretty cool how much the game has grown! I'm glad to see we're ranking on these Dapp websites!

we're definitely on the cutting edge future of gaming! Exciting times!


We leading we leading!!!!!

Good insight there buddy, the youth will use Dapps on the blockchain if it proves more efficient, and also since it facilitates payments for in-game purchases. NFTs will be really popular in time, and blockchain is great for the next wave of gaming experience. I'm not a gamer as such, but I am a trader and social media content creator, so bring on the next level, we are ready.

Ure a Social media content creator? You're home baby!

I think that blockchain can be the future of many things

As a matter of fact it will be. Everything that has to do with data