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I find myself privileged to have discovered Bitcoin even though I will always keep saying I did late. An innovation that gave us freedom to our money, which is perhaps the governments strongest hold on us. I find myself privileged because in 10 years time there still will be people who will be yet to discover Bitcoin, its just what it is.

Approximately 12 years ago the world was battling the greatest recession it had ever seen, stock markets were in their all time lows, various banks had to merge and some got liquidated, wall street was in chaos and a lot of secrets hidden by the big corps got exposed, then came Bitcoin, have you read about the Bitcoin Pizza day, there had to be a day of remembrance for that particular action, considering the importance of the technology and what it was used for.

Anyone who still doubts the efficacy of Bitcoin in these days are only addicted to being enslaved by the system we can all see the dept to their corruptness now but lets leave Satoshi Nakamoto's invention aside and look at what is happening 10 years after Bitcoin.

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The tools which we've relied upon for so long are selling us out for their own selfish gains, taking decisions that suit their own goals and objectives irrespective of the peoples voices, we cannot deny that censorship is the virus in 2020 we have to battle, COVID-19 is only but a major distraction. Ever since the beginning of time, the media has had all the power to control the minds of people by feeding them with the propaganda that suits a select few.

Now it is in our faces that people are not only being manipulated by what the media pushes but we are also being silenced, demonetized for speaking our truths. People are beginning to open their eyes because the foolery has gotten too much, the system is in chaos, people are beginning to enquire for the platform where their truths are safe.

This is just some dude with 81k followers

10 years ago, Bitcoin gave us the freedom to our money, today Hive is giving us our freedom to speech. Hive is the only truly decentralized social media the currently in existence, an experiment that has being going on for over 3 years which is only getting better. It makes me feel more than privileged to be aware and involved with Hive.

A lot of times we undermine ourselves and capabilities as Hivers, Hive is a fucking big deal in this world, it is decentralized from within its core, it doesn't get better than this, for now anyway, we as a people will always have to continue to fight for our humanity, and to do these we need tools, first we need our finances to be free then we need our voices to be free, then maybe we can stand a chance.

When it comes to marketing Hive, people who discovered Bitcoin 9years ago and took pragmatic actions sure count themselves privileged today. As much as we need to be out there representing, I also feel people will naturally come on board, and we the users of Hive are its best marketers, I mean who markets bitcoin? a team?

Anyway, I continue to stan for Hive everywhere I find myself, its just natural, if Bitcoin was all I knew, then yeah it would have been Bitcoin, but its really been Hive for me. I remain bullish on Hive and look forward to what tomorrow holds.

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Hopefully the more people share the need for things like that on platforms like Twitter and others, the folks on here can then extend them an offer and it would be great to also do it with a free account that is instantly created, not an account that needs to wait a couple days to a week to be made. There are some nuances to that for sure but the more we can do at a very fast pace for these people, the better the chances of getting them here and keeping them here!

Yes onboarding needs to be as seamless as possible, there have definately been improvements, but theres still room to be better.

Yeah I was reading a proposal I think, or perhaps the Hackathon, that someone is creating a way to pool the resource credits of the very large accounts into something that then makes accounts on the fly through proxy services. I don't remember all the details but that concept sounds great, those with lots of resource credits don't need to do anything but accounts get created very quickly or instantly. Probably a lot of code goes into that, but conceptually it sounds great!

Hopefully that works, then we can tackle retention head on

Yeah retention is another issue itself lol I’ve been trying to get out there and do a lot of outreach with people. It’s helped a little bit I hope, would love to retain as many as possible!

Great read and it seems we need Bitcoin and crypto more and more every day...

People will slowly start to realize that censorship, money printing... are going to get us all in big trouble.

Citizens of the world NEED cryptocurrencies !

We need our freedom, Blockchain can help

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Thanks hommie