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Ever so often my friends call me up to ask about the hottest token on the block, not like they're going to invest but I share my opinions with them anyway.

I don't have a basket of variety of tokens, my main bags are Leo and Hive and they have quite a few things in common which is being highly undervalued and ignored amongst others.., these factors have highly influenced my choices in selecting where to put my money for someone who doesn't have much.

I also always like to make reference to Bitcoin a lot,.. while most people see a top and highly expensive asset, it was once a rejected stone, at its early days it was super undervalued, a lot of people talk about Hive being ignored today, but looking back at Bitcoin,...


....Bitcoin wasn't only ignored, it was labelled as scam countless times and with all negative terms one could think of by industry leads, financial experts, business moguls e.t.c....being undervalued doesn't get worse than that, at some point, you'll be like a fool to talk about Bitcoin at gatherings with friends, even now, you'll be lucky to have majority listen to you.

However, you hardly ever hear people call Hive a scam, but look at Bitcoin today, as big as it is, its still being labelled with all sorts of negative terms by the U.S govt, even while most of us know the truth and it doesn't stop it from prospering.

While I may not have the chance to own a thousand Bitcoin now, I can own a thousand Hive, or ten thousand Hive, or twenty....while also having 10k Leo and a couple hundreds of other tokens I believe share the same characteristics with huge potential. Lets just say I have a thing for undervalued gems.

images - 2021-01-26T015226.698.jpeg

I've recently added Dot token to my list and I acquired a couple for myself today.
Dot token of the Polkadot chain has done tremendously well since its launch, it has a huge community foothold in China and word on the street has it that it is posed to be the hybrid version of Ethereum with more transaction capacity, lesser fees and faster speed.

It is unique for its interopeability with other chains, upgradeability as it needs no forking to be upgraded and provides dev tools to build custom blockchains easily and connect them with each other, I find these really cool. Perhaps these are not enough reasons to for it to moon but at least its attracted investors and earned a place dethroning Xrp on CMC.

As I've become an ardent holdler over time, I will be hodlin this token for a long term, pretty much like everything else I hodl. Lets see how it goes in a couple of years.

Thank you for reading.


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Polka dot was one of my biggest misses, I was ready to buy months ago and waited too long.

Sure didn’t miss Hive though. I got almost all my Hive at below 0.12 and I doubt be will stay below 0.20 much longer. We will get above it soon and then 3speak will make sure we stay above.

It may be a while til we see $1 but the cool thing is that we can all build on Hive and the more people do, the more people will see the value.

When I read that dot tokens were 5$ in December I was wowed, like how do such gems fly under the radar so easily.

Interesting thing about Hive for me is that, I'm very much willing to wait for as long as it'll take, these prices we see now are so discounted....and yes coupled with the sinks 3speak have in their plans.

I'm sure the value is going to be heavily impacted from the announcement of the 3speak airdrop, and from there things will take off as prices might just hold.

The opportunity to keep building is one I hold very dearly and do not find on other chains, something a lot of people underrate.

Thank you for your comment

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Fine choices.

Hard to pick winners but the results, when you do, can be huge.

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I'm patiently looking forward to results of these ones, extremely patiently. And the fact that I'm able to keep building while waiting means a lot to me so why not. Thank you Tasky

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Unfortunately many Nigerians have missed out on big chances with crypto. I said this in one of my videos, Crypto revolution is slow in Africa and this needs to change.

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It is slow, and most look at Bitcoin, Ethereum and decide that they are too expensive and turn away. I see some others cheering Nano and Tron, DGB, and I wonder, what do these tokens do for you? But I keep playing my part to sharing the word anyway. Thanks for your reply bro

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Very nicely written, I must say I will have to take a look at the dot token. I use Ethereum so it sounds like I may like this token. umm? thanks for sharing!

You'd love it

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Do your friends ask about UNI?

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Heh last time anyone mentioned UNI was during the Uniswap airdrop, apparently someone got the airdrop luckily,...besides that, nope, nada

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I didn't know there was an airdrop. I'm ignorant but hopefully lucky.

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