Becoming a Thorn

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I became a Thorn recently, Thornian, Thor, Thorzzz, honestly I'm so new that I don't even know what we're called, yep, you read that right, "we", by the virtue of voluntarily buying myself a couple of RUNE token in the open market and automatically becoming a Rune holder, I'm absolutely right by the term " we", I've become a Thorn!

And automatically, everything Thorchain is going to be on my radar henceforth, I've begun my journey into the abyss of Thorchain.

On High Conviction Investments.png

2months ago, I read a post about Thorchain on Leofinance, what is Thorchain, I since took interest to it, I've read that post more than once just to grasp the whole Thorchain idea better, I guess with more time I will.

This was the post that influenced my decision, ofcourse I'm responsible for my own decision, as should anyone, but I've also learnt that I learn better by living through it, ask Hive!

So while I didn't think I'll be diversifying further this year, there are projects I just cant let pass me by, Rune has become one of them. Sprinkles some luck


Whatever BNB is smoking, I want some of it, BNB has been doing crazy leaps since "the halving", I'm referring to the periodical BNB burn I wrote about in this post.

Before the burn BNB reached a price of about 42$, now the price resides about 51$, thats some interesting move....


During the first dirty dip on January, BNB returned to 35$ levels, some skeptics called below 30$, but it gradually gained momentum and began setting new ATH's,...I wish I owned as much BNB that was proportionate to the level of excitement I have for the coin.

Whats happening on your side of the portfolio?

If you want to read more about Leofinance with how to sign up, read this 20 Second Sign-up and Quick Start Guide, along with a Metamask Signup guide for Ethereum Investors and FAQ on Hive and Leofinance by @shortsegments

Thank you for reading.


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Lol! I go soon dey buy all this fancy coins...thorn, ava, omo! It is becoming too good to ignore.

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Na so my G

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This journey of yours is over a year old. I hope its a worthy path to enter.

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Although I could have made better moves and greatly increased my position but it’s been a very rewarding journey....I will do it all over again if I could.