Could a united blockchain facilitate adoption

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Resources that could have been used to scale the Bitcoin blockchain and develop new applications of its underlying technology have instead been applied to proliferating thousands of competing digital currencies and hundreds of alternate blockchain or distributed ledger technologies, driven by the pursuit of quick riches from launching a new venture’s own coin yet diversified by little more than three-letter ticker symbols.

Personally tell me about HIVE and Bitcoin or even Ethereum I will be quick to listen to you compare to other chains out there. I love the blockchain technology in general but I have my favorite, which I feel is normal to be favor a chain over the other even though they are all chains, their characteristics plays a vital role.

Now in my opinion that shouldn't make me be envious or jealous of other chains as we see competition arise with chains providing various options in getting better. I feel competition is good, it naturally will bring out the best in us and that extends to every other thing as well.
The success of one chain is a win for blockchain technology in general and it paves way for adoption and exposing the potential of blockchain to the world.

How about the idea of one blockchain for all?

Will that better help adoption, everyone taps into its open source, provided it houses all characteristics that is required. That could be a possibility, I won't rule that out, humans I believe can build whatever it wishes to build, it might take time but possible.


With blockchain currently being a buzzword, I don't think it will remain a buzzword forever and I don't think one blockchain for all is what we need to attain adoption of the technology. I like the various chains in existence, there will obviously be more coming up and we are already having options of Interoperability which I think will be utilized more going forward. The power of two or more chains combining to interact with each other can be very beneficial.

Maybe one chain is all we need for adoption, maybe the competition of which blockchain is better is all we need, either way adoption shall be reached.


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