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RE: Today's big 'rumor': Paypal and Venmo will roll out crypto buying/selling soon ! 🤑

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I believe that they are too late. First they manipulated the price to collect BTC from the bottom, now they make rumor to hype both their brand name and BTC to make people ready for such occasion. I find disguisting such unethical strategies of worldwide companies. To be honest, BTC will take the place of Paypal in the near future and we don't need their support on Bitcoin. Since their bag is full of BTC, they do it.

As far as my observation, if they enable this feature through paypal, their next move will be printing their own digital currency. I'm not pretty sure if it is going to be based on Blockchain technology or just an internet money. Thanks for enlighting us my dear mate :)


"They" manipulated the price
"They" create rumors
"Their" bag is full of BTC
If "they" enable this feature through Paypal


What are you talking about... who are "they", the secret cabal that runs the world from the shadows? ?

ATH was the day that Futures started operating beforehand it was said that Bitcoin will be "tamed" and it these things took place, CEO of Paypal Bill Harris identified cryptocurrency as "scam" (YES the same Paypal) and It was stated by Warren Buffet that its intrisic value is like a joke. There are several examples of such negative actions taken by people who have capital to direct the flow of money. Once crypto was nothing but fun money, now it's one of the investment option. Search on google to figure out what was being said by people who are forecomers of Wallstreet, Finance Journals etc.

Yeah, I've been in crypto since 2016 and a lot of people have said a lot of things about BTC (both bearish AND bullish) but that doesn't mean there is a conspiracy to "tame" Bitcoin or systematically manipulate the markets or repress the price.

Here you're just referring to three random events

1/ The futures were well timed because the market was in a bubble and going straight up on very little volume, no manipulation, just market dynamic, plus the volume on futures were ridiculously low at the time, go back and look at the data

2/ Warren Buffet doesn't like Bitcoin, okay so what? he's said repetitively that he doesn't invest in what he doesn't understand

3/ Paypal might offer Bitcoin payment rails, they've changed their mind from 2017, again so what?

So where's the pattern here? What else you've got to prove that "they" control the market?

Market are dynamic and complicated beasts, embrace the uncertainty and the easy narratives, there is no "they".

I share the same view about it, the only positive I see from it is exposing more people to crypto.