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Ah! I remember a quote by someone(I am not able to remember his name),

When they are fearful, be greedy. When they are greedy, be fearful.

I don't think I am still fearful. I am investigating assets on a regular basis. But man, people are getting greedy for DeFi- coins and that is obviously an alert for the market.

I am not an expert at all, but I believe we are soon going to see a dip. Am I a coward? :-D

Oh Yes! Mr. Warren Buffet. (Duckduck Go always help :-D)

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Hello there @hash-tag,

This is indeed a very famous quote and it can be applied in the current situation I think; especially relating to DeFi which I stay away as it seems too "easy money" and we also have another expression in Finance:
"There is no free lunch!"

Cheers, and beware :D

True that, mate. No free lunch. I think I have learned my lessons in crypto. Now, I remain extra cautious. Thanks :-D