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RE: This is why Nigeria is not a cryptocurrency hotspot

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Hey @belemo! In Mexico, we have a similar scenario. Young folks are enthusiastic about crypto, while older people are very skeptical. The other day I was talking with the guy that comes to clean my pool and even though he is not very old in age, he is about 43 years old, he does not believe in crypto, he still thinks that it's better to save the money below the mattress...

My goal is to help bring more people to cryto, my parents do believe in me because they have seen good results, but they have not invested yet.

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I like to tell more people about the potential of crypto as well. Funny thing is that it is the same with my parents.

They know there's potential in crypto because of me but they've not brought themselves to buy into the market yet

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Maybe I can convince my mom, we are selling a house and one of the goals is to invest, I'll invest most of my part, and she told me the other day she could invest part of hers, let's see if I can convince her.

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Nice idea man. I'll try to do something similar when I visit home this holiday. The only challenge is teaching her about keys and how wallets work. Once she has that part on lockdown, everything will be easy sailing

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