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RE: This is why Nigeria is not a cryptocurrency hotspot

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Found your post after you promoted it, very cool how much did it cost you to buy a spot on trending? I do think NG volume is also very centralised, what I've seen is some "companies" using BTC to settle imports like cars because some countries are not keen on accepting the Naira for imports but these are small orders.

I think the landscape in Nigeria is weird because you have a tech scene I mean whats that payment company that was bought by Stripe recently? Can't remember but it was for 200mil so If people are willing to invest like that, surly crypto would be a good avenue too

I think NG BTC traffic is also people who have been banned from PayPal for scams lol I don't think while that old generation are in positions of power that they are going to let things they cant control come in without a fight, they stubborn dictators, same here

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I spent 5 Leo to promote the article.

The name of the company is paystack I think. The older generation are stuck on bullshit. They're so proud of being dictators and then deceive themselves that it is discipline. Hopefully they'll die out soon and life will be better

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Not too bad so it's around a $1 to get onto trending, pretty cheap for now, in the future could cost you a pretty penny. Yes that's the one, much respect to those dudes, doing it big.

For me, when I look at what's going on here, I don't see even the old generation dying helping as much in the public/government sector, since that's not where the smart people go, the smart people go into the private sector, the corrupt shitty intellectuals who know they can't compete in the job market run to government.

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So it is consistent everywhere then? Con men in office

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