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RE: Most Likely, I Have Figured Out The Cause Of My Headaches....Finally, After Years....

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Now that is great to hear!!! I remember reading once about actual aspartame poisoning. People were treats as though they had MS (IIRC) Then they kicked the 3-4 diet sodas a day and their health turned around. Artificial... shouldn't be put in the body LOL

Here is to a Happy and Healthy 2021 and No more headaches!!


I agree, artificial anything must be bad... I mean, come on, it's man-made! :-) Thanks. I wish you a happy and healhty 2021 too!!!

If its made in a lab... I am not to keen on putting it in my body, though some of that artificial flavoring is pretty amazing... OMG Jalapeno cheddar crunchy cheetos... those are just evil!! LOL