2 biggest problems on Math studies.

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Hello, here I present You two biggest problems when studying Mathematics on University:

  1. The hardness of the courses is not constant. The semester starts with easy things, and then harder things are buing built from easier ones. In the result, what is the hardest, is at the end of the semester, so You have the less time to learn the most hard things. Moreover, because 50-70% of course was "checked" on exams during semester, final exam concentrates on the final content. As a result, You have the less time to learn the most hard things, and You are judged the most by the knowledge of the hardest things.

On other studies, maybe You have more to learn, You need to read books like 300-400 pages for every course, but at least the level is constant, You decide in which order You learn because things are quite "independent".

  1. On math studies, You never know if You pass the exam. No matter how hard You try, on math exams there is always a piece of "luck", You need to find the way to do an exercise. In the result, to be certain that You pass, You need to learn so much, that You can even get the best grade if You will be lucky with exercises, or worst posiitve grade if You were unlucky. Grades sometimes are totally random when You think about how other people were working during semester. Once, I did not pass in the first try the course which I have thought I learned the best that semester, because I was unlucky with exercises. Of course there are good professors who make exams which check the knowledge, not the IQ, but overall, math exams are full of randomness.

On other studies, maybe You need to read 300-400 pages books to pass each course, and need to remember a lot of annoying things, but if You truly do it, You can come to write exam and You are certain days ahead that You passed, there is no way You will fail. On math, one can never have such certainity and "freedom of such kind of stress".

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