After rainy and stormy weather, hand-made blowgun

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Passed that day as the previous post in which there was a storm and I hoped it would be nicer the next morning.
The night was windy shining, thunder even heavy rain was falling he came to visit me but we couldn't do anything outside but we hung out and let Youtube play some sound something was spinning and he found something he asked me to do for him but when it's ugly time and here I did this

What is it I have to start from the beginning.

In the morning when we woke up, the weather was extremely unstable due to lightning, which is a problem. next to us and so all day even today sleep falls rain and thunders a little every now and then

He wanted me to make a blower.
I said maybe we have everything if we don't we will make a tool to realize your idea son,

I took a piece of pvc water pipe 1/2 ’and cut off about 50 cm


he asked to have a nice mouthpiece but without an iron actually a heater that melts the parts and then so hot they merge in the way they are welded I couldn't prove to him that without that heater it's impossible to set it up.

I put that female piece that should be the mouthpiece on the tube and hammered it in of course unsuccessfully nothing but we can do without it.

the barrel is made now i need ammunition hhhhh how the ammunition has a conical stabilizer i will make a mold for who.

I took a piece of wood and put it in a lathe

I cut it down a bit as much as I need about anything precise out of the eye
with the knives I sharpened a little
that I can more easily round the conical spike which will serve me as a tool through which you will see below
Ok the stabilizer mold is ready already when I'm in the workshop to make the grain.
he wanted to be made of nails so I found him nails let him look: these are thin, these small, these soft, these long
so he says "in my opinion, electric nails would be the best and you don't have them, so what do we do now"

and I say there are two solutions or we will give up or find an alternative solution some material that may suit. And I find in one box this type of construction nails of quality hardened ribbed but also thick and shown to him
And it's thick, the ribs won't be able to fly, so I tell him to move away, I'll process something on them. He picked it up and headed for the wall grinder
of course I worked his spike to make it have an aerodynamic effect to fly
this is what it looks like when I’m done
since it was nicely pointed I was interested in how it was hammered so I just tossed it lightly into the wooden table and zabose
that part is finished we move on a wooden mold. I put it in the tube and spin it
to make the pipe make an edge on the cone for the height of the stabilizer, it also serves as a drive stabilizer
now that we have the mark on the cone he started to bend the paper over it
to get an equal paper funnel
I put a nail in them
and glued with thermal glue
this is what it looks like
one is taken
it is placed lightly so that the pipe is not scratched from the inside
put to the end
it is important that it is not as deep inside as it should be
I put it on my mouth - I blow and shove it into the stock from the door in the apartment
I started to take it out
so I had something to see since we and that stock are 3 feet away
then I shot the styrofoam cutter carrier already when it has a piece of wooden beam
I almost hit the switch on the tool it would do a bit of damage so we gave up shooting around the house and went outside
where I improvised targets on hardboard
the way it sticks to him and me it seemed kind of dangerous so we took a little break and went for the grapes of course from the neighbor, the neighbor's is always sweeter hehehehhe
it wouldn't be me if we didn't come up with weird ideas like this to put a berry in a tube and fire.
And he let me try
he chose a berry that suited him
what else to shoot than a statue in Madonna's garden hahah
so I tried it too

here is a short video

Slow motion shot of a blower and grape bullets

So ended our little basket improvisation of making Iraqi, which made us very happy, so we welcome everyone to Hive, we hope that it will be useful for you to have fun at home, of course do not shoot furniture like me, which I made with text and photos with my son this post. We both wish you a pleasant and cheerful party.