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I'll start this post with a wide view on the setting ...
IMG_1916 malo.jpg
... a slice of my neighborhood ...
IMG_1915 malo.jpg
... my house and garden ... seen from a prospective of the bee buzzing around in the hot early afternoon ...
IMG_1917 malo.jpg
... searching for blooming pastures between the houses ...
IMG_1918 malo.jpg
... and here, among the lovely trumpets of the bindweed flowers ... the post is ready to take a sudden twist :D
I took these photographs you just saw, some minutes ago ... then I went back in my chair, in front of the PC, to start the post, without any idea about what the post will be ... and now ... I decided to open my PC, and get rid of the dust inside. Last summer I let the dust destroy the graphic card, and this year I have an old air compressor ... so I'm ready to do my first anti - dust operation of this kind. I'll continue this post when the operation is over.

ja dust 1 ssamoMALO.jpg
The photographs ... and video materials ... in this second part of the post, are made by a friend of mine, and I have the permission to use them here, in this post ... and anywhere else ... because :D I'm the protagonist of this part of the visual storytelling.

The air compressor is a lovely machine that produces good vibrations, sounds like a tractor and jumps around like some euphoric robot ... it was a joy to work with that thing and watch the damaging dust disappearing.
ja dust samoMALO.jpg
And that's it :) have a good day ... or night ... wherever on the planet you are.


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Hahaha. Your assistant cat was very interested in your gadget!

I thought you were servicing a car!!

Someone mowed the grass nicely!


:D That compressor sounds like an old car ... all cats were running away from that sound ... only this small black one wasn't too scared.