Is there a way to format mathematical equations for a post on Hive?

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Technically, we should be able to use KaTeX to enter mathematical equations to include in our posts. However, actual post presentation shows the codes used to generate the equation rather than a properly formatted equation.

Short of using an image of a mathematical equation, is there a way to include them in a post?

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Sadly the best way to display math is with a GIF or PNG.

There are web sites and downloadable programs that will convert LaTeX and KaTeX

A good approach to handling this problem is to maintain both a web site and a HIVE account. You could then publish the PNG image on HIVE and have the KaTeX code on your personal site.

BTW, HIVE has the same problem with SVG. I see the problem as an opportunity to drive traffic to my personal site.


It looks as if-- for now-- your suggestion is the way to go.

One workaround for combinations and permutations I was trying today involved using superscripts and subscripts. It's not pretty as KaTeX would make it, but it can be made to work. The problem I have with this workaround is aligning both scripts. While it's possible to combine characters, I'm having difficulty combining a character with BACKSPACE

At least for now, I'll keep looking.

It is best to have an image for every post.

One advantage of creating GIFs for the equations is that they can serve as the GIF for math related posts.

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So, I don't know anything about KaTex, I just Googled for 15 minutes to answer this question.

I don't know if it helps, but I found a guide on how to write Mathmatical Equations using only HTML, but it seems it doesn't work on Hive, still, I recommend you read it anyway.

I believe for KaTex codes to show, the HIVE interface should include KaTeX javasxript files in it. I don't think they'll need to add that without a big Math community on HIVE that justifies it, though.


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