What's your favorite Playstation 2 Video Game?

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Did you know that PS2 was the first home console to feature backwards compatability with its predecessor?

Playstation 2 is the highest selling console of all time! Which means if you grew up in the 90's or 00's there's a chance you played on a PS2!

This console had many games, and was the start of some of my favorite franchises like Kingdom Hearts. Did you have a PS2? What games did you like to play? Please answer with your favorite PS2 game(s) on Reverio!

P.S: If you haven't played any PS2 games before, you can jump in now. Emulation of Playstation 2 games was perfected in the recent years, and there are a lot of cheap (legal) ways to get PS2 games.

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The Atari 7800 was backwards compatible with the Atari 2600 beating out the PlayStation 2 by nearly 15 years. Now you could argue that the Atari 2600 wasn't technically the IMMEDIATE predecessor to the Atari 7800. That would be the Atari 5200 which was really an Atari 8-bit computer disguised as a gaming system (much like the XEGS was later).

I guess there are many arguments other than the one you mentioned, (GameBoy Color did it too, but wasn't a home console.) But I guess it's a fun "did you know" to put at the start of the post, right?

I didn't know about Atari, so thanks for the comment!


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i still have my phat ps2, let a friend borrow my slim and never got it back. maybe 4 years ago i bought 2 more phat ps2's to mod and stream on.

here's my list mostly in order:

  • GTA vice city
  • GTA san san Andreas
  • GTA 3
  • def jam fight for new york
  • def jam vendetta
  • smack down here comes the pain
  • smack down vs raw 2006
  • nba streetz vol 2
  • nfl streetz 2
  • madden 2005
  • need for speed underground 2
  • scarface the world is yours

Wow, a true retro gamer, aren't you. (I like the adjective "Phat.") !LOL

I haven't played any of the games in your list on a PS2... Didn't expect someone to put a Basketball game in his list here. Nice selection, but they're not my favorite.

Is Smack Down the Wrestling series? I remember playing it a lot with my cousins playing that game a lot when I came to their house. !LUV

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