How much have you used Ecency today? (2022.11.30)

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Today I downloaded and tried the Phone statistics - Screen time Android application on my Samsung Galaxy A12 smartphone for the first time, and I see that the Ecency is my most used application today. I used it for 1 hour 53 minutes 1 second. This is not a surprise, because the Ecency is currently my favorite Hive blockchain application.

My second most used application today is Wild Rift, which is a video game. Today I played it for 1 hour 38 minutes 4 seconds. This is not a surprise either, because League of Legends: Wild Rift is one of my favorite video games (this is not a blockchain video game, but it is free-to-play).

My third most used application today is Facebook. I used it for 1 hour 6 minutes. This latter is somewhat surprising, because I thought that I used it only for a few minutes. Usually I do not use Facebook for longer times. Or at least this is what I think.

I also used the Hive Keychain (beta) for 23 minutes 24 seconds. I used it to make transactions on Splinterlands, on Hive Engine, on Hive Wallet, and on Tribaldex (I checked and increased my SWAP.HIVE - SPS liquidity pool position).

Today I used my smartphone for 6 hours 0 minutes seconds. Maybe I use my smartphone too much today. Maybe not.

How about you?

How many hours have you used the Ecency application and your smartphone/tablet (any Android device) today?

And what do you think about using your smartphone/tablet (or any Android device) for six hours in a day? Is it too much, or acceptable?

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.


That sound like a good app, ut a bit scared to see my activities. My online time on my phone might be bigger than yours. : )
what did you shoot with 37 seconds on your camera? : )

what did you shoot with 37 seconds on your camera? : )

Actually I opened the camera application by accident this time (sometimes this happens, mainly after screen unlocking), but I often take photos in a few seconds with the camera, so usually it does not take much time. Except with moving things (for example flowers in the wind). That can take a few minutes to take a good photo. Sometimes I also record videos (mainly about amateur radio). A video can also take a few minutes, but I rarely record more than 10 minutes long videos.

hehe I know, because I hardly take photos using my phone lately. I just kidding actually, I don't even take video except for reporting damages in my workplace.

I have kleptomania.
When it gets bad I have to take something for it.

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Hi friend,

I don't use mobile apps a lot, since my cellphone is already on storage warning. Normally, I use my gaming laptop for online activities.

I think the app also counts idle time if the app is left open in background! I doubt though. hehe


I don't use mobile apps a lot, since my cellphone is already on storage warning.

The storage is currently also relatively low on my smartphone too. Currently the free space is 4.70 GB (59.30 GB is used from the 64 GB).

I think the app also counts idle time if the app is left open in background! I doubt though. hehe

Maybe. I usually use only one application at a time on my smartphone. I usually close other applications, so usually there are no applications in the background, but sometimes I indeed leave some of the applications to run in the background.

I have very short storage say 32 GB and currently 97% is occupied, I have to regularly optimize my phone's memory to keep it running smoothly, otherwise it gets very slow and painful.

64 GB is quite a nice memory and good for gaming also. I'll upgrade once I have enough funds, currently I am out of work and having shortfall of budget. Let's wait for some miracle job. :!


Ι have stop using Facebook! I so exhausting to see so many advertisements!

The groups and the contacts can be useful anytime. There are no advertisements in the groups, and occasionally there are sponsored things in the Messenger application, but it is really not that intrusive. And you can always block the advertisements. At least on desktop. Maybe on mobile too, but I have not tried that so far.

Yes you are right, there are still many groups only there! But i have stop have a proper account.Ι keep only a troll one, only to troll some groups! But even like this, i haven't log in for months! Good morning buddy!


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