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This week with the ecency dreemport challenge has been amazing. It has been a busy week for me full of travel and marriage celebrations but then, I still squeezed out time to partake in the spread of love everywhere on this platform via Ecencial dreemers🤗🤩, these people are indeed unique, and being in their midst, must be infected with the love cos it's contagious🤩🤩🤩.


*Image designed by @coquicoin *

Did you have an encounter with the sassy girls on hive this week? 🤩🤩, we are wonderful matched ladies made in heaven 😇 @zyzymena @coquicoin @amberkashif and my humble self.

Here is how my LOVELUTION went this week🤗


So in my team of four, we drafted a kind of timetable on who to vote for so it can go around. I was to boost Zizi, I tried so many times but it failed then on subsequent days I tried again but then, it seems some people were competing with me on who will boost her post first 🤩🤩, so it failed as usual till this morning, I boosted one of her posts again but still waiting for a positive response from ecency🥰


Searching for a newbie to boost her post wasn't difficult for me as I already have this busy bee on hive @dimmablogs 😊🤗. She is a newbie with so much enthusiasm to do well in this space so this was an avenue for me to show her some love by boosting her post titledNOT A PLAGUE BUT A PUSH TO BE SUCCESSFUL.



So my team agreed to visit the #ttt community and show them some love🥰. On reaching there, I came across a wonderful post by @princessbusayo and didn't hesitate to boost her post. Lucky enough, it went through 💃💃🥳. Princess is a good hivian always everywhere engaging with people's posts including mine, so why not let the love spread to her end🤩🤗
I boosted her post titled Come get inspired.



WOW! I was so much excited to surprise this amazing new friend I met here on hive @reineesmay. She has been so supportive of my hive journey through her words of encouragement that always give me high morale to keep pushing in this space. She had inspired me so many times with her post, she is a sweet soul and I am glad to have her in my cycle of friends here🥰
The title of her post I boosted is Weather for two or not.


This is the task for this week 2 and I am glad I didn't miss out on the share of love. Let love lead guys💕, keep spreading the love without limitations 🤩, it's soooo healthy🤗

That will be all for now!
Thanks for reading!!!

Remember to keep staying positive and be happy💖💞🧡


Congratulations darling! We have to come to the end of the week and we did that successfully. I'm surprised you found time to make a post 😄😄. Don't forget to bring my meat and rice back to Lagos. How is the ceremony going thus far?

Oh yes my dear...we made it till the last day🤗

I tried to make this post on our way to fetch the bride🤩🤩
It was a two-hour journey so I utilized the opportunity to create the post anyhow🙈

The celebration is about to start but so far...its been awesome 👍 🥰

Oh my goodness! Two hours journey to go fetch the bride? I thought the ceremony would be done in her father's compound. Seems their tradition is a bit different.

Enjoy yourself darling and take lots of pictures for the weekend community and for liketu

My dear...I am learning another culture here🤩🤩
For the pictures I am gathering plenty🤩🤩🤩
Thank you my darling

I can't wait to learn them from your blog

Hi, sassy girl!! Congrats to you for another successful week in the challenge!
Have an awesome weekend and enjoy your family time 🤗

Thank you so much sassy partner🤗

You are welcome and enjoy your brother's traditional marriage 🤗

Wow!! I just went through my notifications and saw the boost 🤩. Thanks for the love I really appreciate ❤️🥰.
Hope you're having a wonderful time in Enugu?
I can just imagine how busy you must be yet you took time to make this post 🤩. You're the sweetest, Kudos ma! 👏👏. Enjoy your weekend!

Oh my darling....I am exhausted here😇
I can't wait to come back to lagos🤩👍
For the boost? 🥰🥰😍

Wow these are getting interesting, make Una carry me along, I want to be dreemport too o☹️🙃

Vickoly...we will talk about it in discord when I return from my travel🤩

Alright then, I hope you're having a great time in the village.

Stay safe.

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Hehe. Feels like @zyzymena is too much loved on Hive. That's why everyone came to boost her. No doubt, she is amazing.

I am happy for you @nkemakonam89 that you managed to be active on hive. I hope you had a wonderful time with your brother's wedding.

Blessed day

Zizy is an amazing soul loved by many 🤩.
Amber my dear, I had a lovely time but then, I am exhausted right now 🤩😆
Sorry for the late response and thanks for checking on me👍

I can understand about yourvexhaustion, Nkem.
Have a restful Sunday. ❤❤


Many thanks to you

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Good luck 👍

Thank you for your support @nkemakonam89, really appreciate it! ❤️

Well done sharing so much love all around.