A small review and my impressions of the Samsung Z fold 2 and 3. | Part 2.



And now I am back with part 2 of my Samsung Z fold 2 and 3 review if you don't read the first part you can read that Here.

But let's move on. The first weeks with Z FOLD 2 were pretty fun. Everywhere I went, people looked at the phone like a rare piece of jewelry. Many friends did not refrain and asked to hold the phone in his hands and fold it a few times. It was like a toy everyone wanted to try. However, if someone started asking me if I can recommend the phone to others, I had to honestly say I couldn't. At that time, the price of this phone was about 1800 euros in the Latvia stores. And given that you can buy both a high-end phone and a fairly solid tablet at such a price, it didn't seem fair to recommend spending money on this hybrid. I also long for my old Note 20 Ultra, which has a built-in pen, which has greatly improved my phone experience. At some point, I was already starting to consider a plan to return the phone and somehow get out from every month payment for this phone or, even worse, throw it in the Daugava (Latvian river) and report that it was an accident. Of course, it was just a bad idea, it could never really be done, but those thoughts marked the lowest point in my relationship with Z FOLD phones. But in what follows, with the release of the latest model and the use of more time, my thoughts changed completely.

A couple of weeks later I received a message that my Note 20 Ultra has been repaired. At the same time, one of my friends had expressed a real interest in taking over the FOLD phone. All I had to do was say yes. But in the meantime, I had used my phone more and came to one very important point. I had learned to use the phone more often in an open form and started using it for work purposes. The screen was large enough to operate comfortably and show everything that was decisive (unlike a regular phone, which has to be kept lying down, and everything is compressed in a narrow 20: 9 movie-like format). I was able to walk anywhere at the home, watch a movie in the background, and be productive at work.

It took a while and Samsung announced the new Z FOLD 3. This news, unfortunately, came with the news that Samsung will no longer release my favorite Note series with a pen. The pen function has been transferred to other phones, including the Z FOLD 3. So the choice was very easy, my next phone will also be foldable, but this time with a pen. So I tried this model too, I will honestly say that this time I did not collect any information that made Z Fold 3 different from Z Fold 2. And here again, I was disappointed at the beginning. First of all, the original Samsung case, which was presented to me by LMT together with the pen, is not the most comfortable of them. Unlike Note phones, where the pen could be inserted into the phone itself, the Z Fold 3 can only be placed in a case. So the use of a purse became mandatory. I had long since refused to use a phone case because I like to feel the premium phone material and see the right color. Now my phone will be even thicker and I will be able to feel the cheap Chinese rubber. In addition, there were several significant disadvantages to this original case.

First of all, the Z Fold 3 with the original case with a pen in the back cannot be placed in any normal car phone holder. Either I have to take my phone out of my case every time I get in the car or look for a tablet holder that I haven't done yet.

The second disadvantage, which significantly affects the practicality of the phone, is the fact that the case is not a good way to stand up and watch videos on the big screen. This is a self-evident feature for any tablet case, but here the engineers have missed a great opportunity to compete with the tablets even more with FOLD. I've been looking for various non-original cases, but so far I've only found them in fake stores.

I will continue to talk about the differences between the Z FOLD 2 and the Z FOLD 3. In addition to the pen support, the striking difference is the large-screen selfie camera. In FOLD 3, it is embedded in the screen and becomes invisible at all without special attention. FOLD phones are practically identical in size, they can only be distinguished by the camera module. Of course, the Z Fold 3 has a better camera, a more powerful processor, and many other small improvements, but I don't see a difference in everyday use. Therefore, if you are not addicted to pens and you already have Z FOLD 2, stay safe with this phone.

But anyone who wants new adventures on a daily basis and switches from another phone to the reduced price of 1600 euros, go inside and take the new Z FOLD 3. I realized that although I often mention the disadvantages of these phones and the incomprehensible decisions of engineers I can no longer live without a pocket-sized 7.6 - inch tablet with which I can do so much on a daily basis. I should tell Samsung thanks because I have finally created a phone that makes the smartphone market more interesting and allows me to be more productive on a daily basis. This is similar to how in the past Samsung and iPhone began to move from smaller displays to larger ones. Many initially resisted and wanted to stick to smaller screens to reach the entire phone screen with one hand. However, over time, almost everyone has switched to the big screens and is enjoying their benefits. With the advent of Z fold phones, these screens have become 2x larger and now the need for a tablet is close to zero. Plus, you can fold it up and put it back in your pocket at any time.

These were my thoughts and reviews on these 2 wonderful and innovative phones. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have anything else to continue this story feel free to write in the comments.

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