Kickstarting my JavaScript Learning Journey

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JavaScript is a popular programming language that has highest demand in the software industry as well. JavaScript is a popular scripting language that is used to make your web pages interactive and add many functionalities both at the front-end and the server side. Technologies are evolving in these modern world. Its hard that this language will be obsolete as it had a great community and ever evolving since its introduction and also had a great use in developing not just a web application but also mobile application as well (Example: React Native). Its difficult to predict whether it will be replaced by any other similar language. And not to mention there is a lot of demand for JavaScript developer in the current market.

Popular tech giants like Facebook, Youtube, Google and many others used this popular language to create their interactive web application. There are popular frameworks for JavaScript as well to make the work of developer very easier. Angular framework was developed by developers working in Google and React framework is also developed by Facebook. The interest and investment of such companies in JavaScript clearly states that JavaScript is here to stay for at least a decade or maybe more who knows. Even there is a library called "TensorFlow JS" that is used by JavaScript developer for machine learning project. Currently python tops the rank for ML and Data Science.

My inner desire to learn JavaScript was ignited by the job opportunities here in my country related to the JavaScript. The demand for the JavaScript developer had been increasing ever-since past 3-4 years. Since, it had a great career perspective, I also decided to learn some fundamental concepts and advanced concepts behind it. And also adding one more skills to my portfolio :).