Is the AI revolution and ChatGPT good or bad for our future?

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What is your opinion of the current AI revolution? You may well be aware of ChatGPT and GPT4, the latest Artificial Intelligence assistants to hit the world by storm in the past six months. Well they are seriously next level in their capabilities. I mean this is like Google on steroids. This all purpose vast storehouse of information is more than just a library of data. It’s like a personal secretary, coder and more than that all wrapped up in one. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, thus making them both delightful and potentially devastating at the same time.

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Depending on who is using the this powerful tool, the results could be world changing, certainly game changing. Not only that but the speed at which this AI tool is improving is exponential. We used to have to wait years for upgrades to some new tool but now we are seeing upgrades occur within months. The learning curve has gone parabolic.

Numerous leading thinkers like Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak plus over a thousand others, are all calling for caution and even a moratorium on the improvements being implemented. Machine learning has arrived in such a big way that the possibilities of some kind of disaster are here. For example these AI chatbots can link up with other AI tools to assist each other in coming up with solutions to problems that we could never imagine possibly just a year ago.

The AI race has thus gone into full gear, as Google, Microsoft, Musk and others all compete now to produce a better AI chatbot or personal assistant. The skills of these bots are not only limited to text answers to any questions but now also allow for text-to-image and even image-to-video rendition. Add to that the ability for the AI tools to imitate or mimic any genre, style or role model that you request, and you have an all purpose tool that can make us all redundant.

For example the AI can now make an artwork in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci, or any other genius from history. It can write poetry like Shakespeare. And anything else you desire. The art word is one of the first to be negatively impacted as artists find themselves being upstaged, so to speak. Who needs a specialist skilled in technical drawing or creative imagery when your AI chatbot can do it for you and even better?

The bot is better because it can imitate not only one style but all styles. This all purpose general intelligence tool has upset artists globally. Copyright issues will abound. Intellectual property is being challenged. Artists are already opening class action law suits against certain AI companies because the AI is using their art work as a template and copying it so well.

Add to that the fact that ChatGPT and GPT4 (now becoming GPT5) can actually write code and programming so that we no longer need coders and web designers or developers to do their work. Their skills are becoming redundant. As a mature adult, I remember when the internet and Google entered our world. It was revolutionary. Now the new kids on the block have their own revolutionary tools arriving. It’s just mind blowing.

As for our blockchain social media site Hive, where we encourage original creative content – well now AI ChatGPT can write our posts for us. And it can create the artwork or imagery too. So who needs to do anything original any more? Just type in a prompt with your idea and your AI bot will do all the work. I guess the trend will be like that which occurred when the calculator was invented. We all became less skilled at math since the calculator could do the work.

Or when the mobile phone arrived we all forgot about memorising phone numbers because they were all stored in our devices. And when Google arrived we had all the knowledge we desired at our fingertips. This is simply and extension of that. And we are still fine, if not better for it. So I presume life will go on as normal and we will all simply upgrade with the help of our AI assistants.

Also when new inventions arrive there are always those who complain when their own work is threatened. Another example is when photography was invented. Artists complained and felt that their handy work was being threatened and there were legal debates about it. Finally photography was accepted as a legitimate art form in its own right and life has been better since. I presume the same type of thing will occur now as we debate the legitimacy of AI generated imagery and anything else produced by ChatGPT.

We may as well get used to it. One concern I have personally noticed is that the ChatGPT4 is biased. It is programmed by people who are biased, and so the info is spews out is nuanced according to the opinions and subjective views of the liberal left wing programmers who built it and who themselves are trying to steer the world according to their subjective opinions of what is valid or not. And that is a massive problem.

In other words your ChatGPT4 is not neutral. It is slanted in favor of one side of the political and intellectual aisle, thus hampering the other side. And that is my main concern. Not the fact that jobs are being replaced and people made redundant. You can always find another source of income, but you can’t avoid being groomed by the programmers of these AI bots according to their prejudice. Bad Bot! Go to your room and think about your choice of actions.

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The learning curve has indeed gone parabolic and it's dangerously exciting! It's really hard to keep up with this rapid development pushing us to upgrade ourselves to stay relevant. The fact that it is biased is also a major concern for me.

Yes well said. The youth will probably always adapt to the new trends faster and leave the older gen behind with each development.

I think AI can't replace humans, but humans know how to use AI can!

Yeah, I believe that ChatGPT can be game-changing for everybody. I used it a few days ago for our video production and other stuff. It saved me a lot of time haha! Although it helped me in entry-level aspects, they can't still replace the creative mind of humans!

Hey there good to hear your point of view friend. Well done on wielding that tool. Life will speed up for those who can harness it.

You make a great point about creativity, for example I don't think the bots have a keen sense of humor.

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