What are Dimensions Anyways? — The Spiral and Cyclical Universe.

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Most of us already have an idea of dimensions, that on the fundamental level it is that which has length, height, and width, according to science matter is anything that has weight and can occupy space, in most cases matter and dimension are inseparable.

Time is considered as the fourth dimension because, if I make an appointment with you, I will give you 4 pieces of information in order for you to reach me, I will give you.

  1. the street of my address which can be considered as length,
  2. the avenue of my address which can be considered width,
  3. the floor number of my office which can be considered as the height.
  4. But you can’t just come anytime you want, if you come too early, I might not be in my office, and if you come in the afternoon I might be at lunch, so the fourth piece of information is missing which is Time, meet me at 3 pm.

This is the acceptable model, that when you reach the 5th dimension you can pan across the timeline to venture into the past, the future, and the alternate realities. The problem with this model is that the scientists believe that from here you can keep going on to more complex dimensions.

My sources, however, do not tell me that is the case, so when you reach the fifth dimension, you reach the plateau.

The universe exists in the pattern of 7.

When you take a specific length of a string, and divide it equally, with the same ratio, the division would only go into the seventh time before it can’t vibrate anymore, this is how the piano is made. as the Universe and Nature display this pattern everywhere.

There are seven rainbow colors, in the periodic chart the atoms repeat or align themselves in the multiples of seven.

The significance of this in the dimensions is that as you reach the seventh dimension, you are not just seeing other dimensions from above, but you are everything and everything is you.

What happened to the Sixth dimension then?

I am glad you asked, the sixth dimension is the dimension before the first one, the nothingness as this is the thing that upholds everything else.

So what comes after the Seventh Dimension?

Everything is cyclical in nature, and not just a cycle but a spiral, that once the pattern is complete, it repeats the same pattern again, that the seventh dimension becomes the basis of another dimension.

Let me explain this clearly. To tackle this phenomenon one needs to see everything in terms of vibrations and frequencies.

Assume a 24 hour day is one oscillation or a pulse. And that this one oscillation is the smallest measure of a frequency. And each activity happening in the day is a vibration, as vibration is any disturbance within a specific space.

On this 24 hour day, let's assume there are many workers in one workplace, wherein this workplace, there are many work schedules, let's say the acceptable or minimum shift is not less than 4 hours, so you would have some shifts from 7 Am to 10 AM then 11 am to 3 pm, then 4 pm to 7 am and so on.

The thing to notice here because of different work schedule, there is a possibility of these people, though they work in the same company, they would never meet physically. because they are on different work frequencies.

So to use this example in terms of dimension is that there is a physical universe with parallel Universes, but these universes do not meet just because of differences in frequency, not vibration. Because if a person decides to shift their work schedule they will then realize there was an entire crew who works in the same company but never to meet.

Using the same example, in the same company, maybe there are different crew who performs entirely different tasks, where their work shifts require them to work for 6 hours a day, and some 8 hours a day, so their vibrations are different, where in order for the 4-hour crew to meet these other 6-hour work crew must ‘lower their vibrations’ or must work for longer hours to be in par with the 6 or 8-hour crew.

Notice that there is one large oscillation that all these crew work within it, which is a 24 hour day, this is to say that there are many dimensions within one Realm. At the same time, there can exist many dimensions.

To conclude this is that the concept of 1-d, or 3-d, or 4-d dimension, is a half-truth because dimensions have their limitations.

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