Ladies of Hive Contest #8 : Alternate Career

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When it comes to career, I am quite indecisive because there are several things I wish I could do. I have a first degree in Medical Biochemistry and I don't plan on furthering in that line exactly. In university, I particularly liked my classes in food biochemistry and nutrition so I'm gearing towards that now. I'm either going to be a food scientist or a nutritionist eventually and I'm looking forward to this new path my indecisive self has chosen.

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However, I have other career interests that I think I would have loved practising. The first is being a criminologist. I have always been intrigued by private and crime investigation as a little girl but I never thought I could study something like criminology in a Nigerian school. I watched a lot of Investigative Discovery and read a lot of James Patternson too. Solving crime cases has always being an appealing career to me, I was really excited about my Forensic biochemistry class in school but we had limited learning resources and time. I still enjoyed the little theory work we did and I see myself doing that for a living. Solving crimes and making the world a better place.

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I love writing, reading and speaking, speaking as in reading scripts. If I had gone by my childhood dreams, I'd probably be a newscaster now. I love learning new words and pronouncing them correctly and I think I have a sellable voice, I've always thought so. Being a newscaster and voiceover artist is definitely an option if I could start all over again. Although I think I could do it now, it'd have being a lot easier if I actually studied in that field.

I believe we're not meant to follow just one career path in life but we limit ourselves and go by society's standards instead. You don't have to be a doctor all your life, or a teacher, or a lawyer. Switching careers at a later point in your life doesn't make you a failure or indecisive, you're allowed to explore as much as you want to. You only have one life to do that anyway.

This is my entry to the week's @ladiesofhive contest for the question,

'If you started all over again, what kind of career would you like or want?'


I invite @ifeoluwa88 to the community and also enter for this week's contest.


whaoo..this is soo interesting to alone with so many careers...lemme go think about minbe. Thanks alot for nominating me


If I were to be all I wanted to be at once then I would be: a dentist, a fitness athlete, a writer(an essayist or probably a self help writer), a motivational speaker, and a wealth educator.

I believe I can still be all of that and more.

Your chosen paths seem do-able, I think criminology is a field in the Open University in Nigeria.

You definitely could be all that at the same time


A very Technical minded professional choices @wolfofnostreet , Thanks for sharing and Good Luck!

Thank you!

Yeah... a newscaster! Perfect!
Good luck with the contest!

Thank you!

Sure thing!

You have so many interesting options! I think I'll try participating in this contest number #8 I hope I am not late.

Its too late now, winners announced already. Its still a fun topic to write on though

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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