LOH 81 - Simpler times or Modern day tech

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Hello dear Hivers.
I took a mini break from posting due to some personal issues, it’s not resolved fully but I’m back. for now.

A special shoutout to @joydukeson for inviting me to this week’s ladies of hive contest.

Topic 1 reads;

Do you ever wish for simpler times, or do you prefer the modern 'techy' world of today? Which would you choose to live by, and why?


Meditating on this question, I honestly find it a bit tricky.
Modern technology is great, it comes with a lot of opportunities and it cuts down a great deal of stress for us but at the same time it gets depressing and demanding which is when I wish for simpler times.

Well, we all know not everything is perfect.
Just as the world of tech today has both advantages and disadvantages, so do simpler times.

Back then with little or no technology, almost everything was handmade and not as easygoing as they are now.
Think about how our forefathers would wait for the roaster or monitor their shadows just to tell the time.
Or how they would travel on foot or with a service animal for days, weeks or even months to another city or country.
Or how out of boredom they would come up with the most inhumane type of punishment to offenders (Its true, look it up).
Or the ineffectiveness in passing information from one person to another.
All these and many others are the disadvantages of simpler times.
When you think about it, it wasn’t so simple was it?

Aside from some intense technology that causes harm to the Earth, I prefer modern day tech.
Where do I even start from? There are so many advantages of tech today.
It creates multiple source of income e.g Hive,
It provides maximum ease in traveling, it helps in daily home activities like washing, cooking and cleaning, it saves time, communication is easier and swift, there is improvement in productivity as a result of multiple opportunities and so on.

Using a practical scenario, few years ago while in secondary school.
I did not own a phone back then though I never knew the importance because I had never owned one but now that I do I realized what I missed.
There was a day after school closed and I got home, I forgot to copy the assignment questions from my classmate because I wasn’t in class when it was given.
There was no way to contact any of them and my best option was to go to the closest classmate house to copy the questions or risk going to school the next day and receive beating.
Lo and behold, I walked up to four kilometers with my tiny legs to my nearest classmate’s house.
This could have been avoided if I had modern day tech was at my disposal.

Now in uni thanks to technology, there might be no need to even go to class physically because I can read the course(s) online and have assignments passed easily and swiftly.

In conclusion, I think technology might just be more simple than simpler times ;)

Inviting @asherrobert and @youwilllikethis to join me participate.

Thanks for reading 💗
Have a great weekend!


I definitely agree with the modern day technology, I cannot imagine how our forefathers survived because I cannot.

I hope you are okay too?

Honestly, it's must've been so hard.

I hope you are okay too?

I will be, thank you for caring 💗

Alright cool..Hold on tight

Current technology makes things easier in many ways, distance learning is one of these. Thanks for sharing 😊

Yes it is.
Thanks for stopping by 💗

Kuddos to you for walking that far! However given the outcome of not having the homework done-I would have walked it as well!

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

It was either that or go home with red cheeks the next day, I had to strategize haha.

Likewise, Thanks for reading!


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Wow 2! Thank you @hive-124452.


Glad to see you back and hope things are better with you :)
Today's tech are indeed helpful in many ways and makes life a lot easier and convenient. Today, we can get info from anywhere we are as long as there is internet access :)

Glad to see you back and hope things are better with you :)

It will be 😊

I think tech should be called simpler days don’t you? Haha

That's awesome then :)

And why not, haha. Tech makes life a lot easier when used properly. Time evolves and our techy days now would be tomorrow's old days too, lol!

The irony! Hahaha
Sometimes I wonder how technology would evolve in the future than it has now. What else would change, how easier it will be.
It’s times like this I wish I could live forever 😅

I suppose cars would be flying by then, robots would be cooking in the kitchen? Jeez! My mind went wild, lol! As much as there are good that comes from the advancement of technology, there are also underlying cons. I hope though that whatever changes, people won't forget to "enjoy life" in the very sense of the word.

Hahaha your imagination really went wild but somehow has a possibility to come true.

I hope though that whatever changes, people won't forget to "enjoy life" in the very sense of the word.

I hope so too!

The possibility of unimaginable things is quite high so yes, maybe even more mind-blowing innovations will happen in the future.

I'm sure before now our forefathers would never had imagine we can travel by air so anything is possible. I can’t wait to witness these mind blowing innovations, it only gets better than this.

The techy days are the best. Someone said that it is lazy people that loves to use a washing machine. I asked her if I ever told her that I was hardworking😬😬😬

😂 at the end of the day we're working smarter not harder.

You get it now

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