Where Life Takes You

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Are you who you want to be? Did you dream of being something else, or settle down into a life that just took you along...? This was the question asked by the ladies of Hive, here is my answer to this and the other question asked in this challenge.

Life is about peace, hope, love, beauty and courage this is how I see life. I admit that there are unexpected setbacks, failures and road blocks in life which are just short pit stops in the journey. This doesn’t however detract from the destination itself which is breathtakingly beautiful and worth fighting for.

We have just one life to live to approach it as something beautiful and precious could help us appreciate and enjoy the view as we journey through life.

True, we all have dreams and aspirations, but the truth is not all dreams come true. It is important to take what you've got and make the best of your life. Instead of waiting for the life you dreamed of make the life you have dreamlike is how I see it.

Please take a seat and buckle up your seatbelt as I take you through this path I have traveled in life.

An ordinary start

My Earthly journey started in big family, being the last child, perhaps an accident and being the only girl among five boys, I was left to my own devices most of the time. Both my parents worked hard to put food on the table. We were well off than most others around us and our parents brought us up instilling in us good values and faith.

We were always expected to stand up for our values and live by the high moral standard set by our parents. Both mom and dad led by example.

A foretaste of Sorrow

I was the apple of dad’s eye, his little girl. He always had time for me, he always made sure that I was okay. Then cancer took dad away when I was twelve and just beginning to understand life. This blow was so severe that I was lost in a world of confusion and pain that no one even understood. I lost interest in everything. My dream of becoming a doctor was buried in his coffin, as our financial status was very shaky from then on.

There was nothing fun or worthwhile in that part of my life, but it taught me some important lessons for life. In college I did fairly well but nothing of import, until one professor came into my life and instilled a sense of self-worth and pride in me. She helped me see what I could be. Thence started the quest to become the best version of myself.

The Pain of Rejection

Falling in love for the first time came with another painful lesson. The young man who traveled 400 km every weekend just to be with me ditched me for a rich girl after a year of courting.

I was miserable at first but the fighter in me began to focus on education and I went on to win many accolades. Every job I applied for came my way, every interview I attended was a success, but there was no joy in life.


In God’s Land of Grace

My journey took me into the land of Grace. Here, for the first time I understood who God is, my relationship with God grew steadily.

My second job was far from home in another city, I rented a big house and lived there by myself. That is where I met my husband to be. We were colleagues and friends at first but our journey became one.

Love or Faith?

I was back in the realm of choices and decisions when my then friend proposed to me. I had to make the decision of my life. He was not a Christian and that meant that I had to make the greatest choice of my life. While I stood by faith, I knew asking him to change his faith meant that I might lose him and yet I did. He took his time to answer but he decided it was love for him.

I was the happiest woman on the earth, but his family renounced him for giving up his faith. Grace continued to work in our lives and our two boys made our family complete. This beautiful life we had and continue to have was and will always remain the best part of my journey.

The pain of loss

After my first son, I had two more pregnancies, both ended in miscarriage I was devastated. I had named my babies when they were just a few days in the womb. Yes, I knew they were there even in the early days before pregnancy test could prove their existence. I sang for them and talked to them all day long, but I never ever saw them.

The pain of loss once again seemed to engulf me in unhappiness, by now I had learned to fight everything in life. I understood that I am a warrior, who lives by faith and hope, my identity became clearer to me.


At the Cross roads once again - Family or Career?

I was at the peak of my career when my older son who was just four years old started to have nightmares and somniloquy (sleep talk) where he would mutter things that seemed rather weird.

Working as a HR manger reporting to my office in the US made my work/time schedules crazy, I had to bend backwards to make time for my family, especially my son. I knew I had to make a major decision once again -. family or career. I asked myself some pertinent questions – why are you working? What are you trying to prove? Is money or social position everything? The answers were easy and the decision was simple. I chose to be a mom.


I reached desert land and I was scorned by my colleagues who thought I was a fool. Everyone around me questioned my decision making me doubt myself. However, doubts belong to those who don’t know their mind or purpose in life. My purpose was (at that point in time) to see my son become a beautiful human being, useful to the society. I walked past the scorn and the shame; head held high.

During this time at home I developed a number of hobbies a few of which are writing, gardening and photography. I figured out they bring so much more peace and happiness and peace than money could ever bring.

Sickness and Pain

Struck by something strange I realized one morning that I could not walk. I was in bed for almost a year after that, trying to care for my 6 month old son and a young family in that state. The doctors told me I need to live with pain and perhaps may not be able to walk again. I took my crutch of faith and strength from the Scriptures and fought back every inch of the way for my life again. Today, I walk, I run I do more work than normal people my age do.

Faith, courage and peace

I have reached peacedom now. I live a life of contentment and peace; nothing really worries me. I am my own master, guide, friend and philosopher.

I live a simple life doing all I can for my family and my community. I work with my husband as a team to pay it forward mentoring some under privileged youth and orphans.

I've figured out through all this that life isn't about your dreams, if I had become a doctor as I had dreamed of I may not have met my husband or lived life to the fullest. It may have been difficult to make some of the choices I have made now.

Life has been good albeit with troubles, but its those troubles that taught me how to live life and come out a victor. I am who I have always wanted to be and I wouldn't like to really change a thing about my life.

Life is all about how we live it despite the circumstances. I have decided to answer the second question posed for this challenge as well. I have steered myself from start to this moment. Have I improved? I guess everyday is a day for improvement and I have taught myself many things. Yes, by my standards I have improved in all spheres of life and will continue to do so until there is breath in my body. Working on myself is something I enjoy doing.

Thank you ladies for this opportunity it was wonderful to write for this challenge. I would like to invite @dreemsteem for this challenge here is the link


Sheer determination to keep moving forward, improvement in lifestyle is not always counted in monetary value.

As one door closes another opens, you found richness in faith, love and charity making you extremely wealthy through experiences you had to endure.

Rightly said, not everything can be counted or expected to have a monetary value.
life is all about opening and closing of doors.. these are just experiences that make life.
Thanks for your kind words @joanstewart

Having met extremely poor hard working folk who always smile and celebrate life it questions one as to why we chase after things leaving morals and balance with nature floundering in the dust.

Hmm... a million dollar question.. I wonder too..
You have a wonderful way of saying things.
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

Relax and enjoy the weekend, we will never fully understand, finding happiness a goal to chase without fancy trimmings.

Hope you have a lovely weekend as well!

Nice to see you here Sofs! I hope you're doing well and healing strong! I read this post and loved every moment!!! I always love getting to see more into people's lives. You and I have so much in common!!! hehehehe

I'm not sure i'm in a place right now to share the answer to the questions posed hehehe Not sure why. Just, I'm going through a lot in my mind right now and things are being re-evaluated constantly.

The journey isn't changing and neither is the destination really... but somehow things are shifting. it's good, but I think I'm very reflective these days and waiting to see more of what the Lord has in store for my mind and heart hehehe

so thank you for thinking of me for the challenge - and i'm sure at some point - I will answer these questions sprinkled in my posts. haha even my video today is showing a bit of the struggle i think! (will be posted soon while you sleep hehe)

but i will temporarily pass on answering the questions just yet... but we will see how the Lord will allow things to unfold :)

love you so dearly

No worries @dreems. Its just an invite I am sure you will be here writing you piece every once in a while. No pressure at all.

I am getting better.. but just can do as much as I did earlier.
I'll watch your video now.
Thanks for stopping by.
Love you more sis!

Falling in love for the first time came with another painful lesson

Wow, probably didn't know a lot about you until today.
Truth is, people can experience that pain, the first second and third and as many times as possible. Sometimes it breaks something inside of us. At the end of the day, time and time again plus better things eventually happening to us, heals these experiences.

Maybe I said a bit too much here.. 😊
Yip, it breaks your heart all the time.
It does take a lot to keep it from breaking you.. thankfully my anger was direction towards studies and it worked well for me.
Time heals, the right people who come into our lives help heal.
Thanks for stopping by @josediccus

You are a peaceful warrior! It’s strange how our struggles define us. They can turn us into diamonds somehow.

I am glad you managed to keep a strong spirit and become such a beautiful versio of yourself

Aww.. @selfhelp4trolls what a sweet thing to say.
I agree with you 200%
It is the pressure of the Earth that turns coal into diamonds
So yes, the troubles we face make us and mold us into who we are..
Our attitude defines how we turn out in the end.
I so appreciate your kindness.

Thank you for sharing..
Such a great and encouraging writing..

Glad you think so @nikestory






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Apologies for the pain and loss you suffered. My wife made a similar decision when our first boy was born with respect to work. She decided to stay home and care for our first boy and then our second. She's still home now, but is pursuing her degree in accounting remotely.

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It's those moments of loss that helped me value life more.
Life is a bunch of decisions and giving up my career was one of the best that I ever made.. I have no regrets absolutely none.
When I look at my boys I am so happy that I made that decision then.
I am sure your wife won't regret her decision either when she looks back on life.
Give her my best wishes.
Thanks for stopping by @scholaris

You're very welcome sofs-su. Have a pleasant weekend.

You too @scholaris!

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Thank you.. will Hodl it.. I am in no hurry to sell anything now.

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Thank you and appreciate your warmth @ladiesofhive

Wow what an amazing and blessed journey! There were some things I read that were similar to what I went through. The pain of a miscarriage never goes away but thankfully God gives us the strength to get through and carry on. I’m sorry about your loss.

I had many people confused and worried about my decision to stay at home with my children and homeschool. It’s funny that those very same people now give my husband and I praise about how grounded and well behaved my children are and how smart they are beyond their age. 😊 Some of those very same people now call me and ask questions about how to homeschool. It’s funny how things turn around sometimes and thoughts about something completely change.

I’m so glad you shared about your life. God is so good and amazing and He takes care of us. I’ve grown to appreciate every life lesson, especially the tough ones because it has made me who I am today.

Blessings ~ ❤️

LOL that is so true, the ones who questioned your sanity are the ones who come to you for advice. I can so relate to that.

God is good all the time and he is with those who seek him.

Thank you and bless you more. ♥️ @crosheille
I so appreciate your kind words.

Good one. Thank you for sharing

Thanks for taking the time to read.