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RE: LOH #100: My view and Personal Opinions on Love and Technology.

in Ladies of Hivelast year

Thanks for the thoughts and tagging me.

This is a really relevant topic and I'm glad you invited me.

I'm in!

Nice one for pointing out the traits and behaviours of toxic relating styles.

It's very important people become educated as quickly as possible to protect themselves.

Men and women both, please!

There is an almost equal split - 50% both male and female who are emotionally and psychologically abused. But men talk about it less often due to the stigma.

Women are at a disadvantage due to our... well... I'll save it for the post you inadvertently just made happen.


Yes. I have come across men that suffer from extremely low self esteem because they met an unfortunate and miserable soul with a pretty face and big boobs😒I look forward to reading you. Have you made it already?

Thank you for looking forward to my offering :)

Not yet!

Quite hectic here at the moment with crazy loadshedding and it's a challenge to keep up! And have had some life admin to attend to.

I'll have it ready for Saturdays deadline for sure 👍

Haha. Mine's been getting hit with school work. Not as active on Hive. Final year and all. Looking forward to reading you

Wow! You're still in school and already busy here.

Nicely done! *salutes 😊

It's tough. Final year. But I have no doubt you've got this 💥

We will do it all. Because we can ❤️