The 'techy' world of today

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Modern technology versus lack of technology. Both of them are great, but them combined is even better. A little bit of everything. Balance. Not getting rid of everything on the one side, but not being entirely dependent on the other side.

Balance is key and that is exactly what the Ladies of Hive Question of the week is about.


When I was living in the Caribbean, there were a certain amount of things technologywise that I was really missing. Wiring cash to simple thing just to pay your rent, or pay an electricity bill was a huge and annoying thing to do. They best option there was, was to stand in a line and pay your stuff physically to a person in office hours. Not the easiest way to do all of this when you also work all of these office hours.

But when there would be a certain event to do, that was always something that you could find online, and everyone would know where to be. Weird how those socials were working super fine, but taking care of your normal errands would not work digitally at all.

In Holland here on the other hand, I haven't used cash in ages because everything works digital. But for the socials online, that works terrible for some reason for me.

Weird how there is a difference between these to and it also shows a bit of the balance. I can't even think about going back to not paying everything digitally, but I also can imagine that this is different for people who also only know either one of the two options.


Back in the day we always would go to music festival. Because of the tremendous amount of people in one place the phone connection would always fail. It wasn't a problem, because we knew this always would happen and it would mean you would just always meetup up a certain place, say left in front of the PA. This always worked.

When a new group of youngsters started to join us to these festivals, they would totally depend on their phones in finding us again with the legendary words :' Lemme just text then where you are' and and I would always shake my head and know we would find them only at the end of the day.

Technology is fantastic in making lives easier for all of us. But in certain places you can also wonder what will happen to the jobs of people who are being replaced by this same technology. I can imagine people being hesitant on taking in this all in.

But on the other hand not benefitting from the options the world currently is providing us also seems like not a bright thing to do. As always, balance is key.


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Technology advances in one place may not be same for all.
At any rate, ordinary people don't have to be intrenched in the complex tech stuff... leave it to techies!
Me, I only deal with what I know, and learn only if it is absolutely needed for the job, hahaha!
Thanks for sharing @karinxxl
and take care!


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What I missed in the past is the simple living and when things are can be obtained for free like vegetables and fruits in the garden. Nowadays, everything has price tags 😅

It is hard to imagine doing things differently or going back the old way of doing things, when technology makes it so quick! I agree; balance is totally the key! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day!

As long as I take breaks every half hour on the computer is balance enough for me or is it? There's more to life than just chatting on social websites. Time to clean the dishes ! 🙂

Certain differences in places and with respect to how tech help people and also cut others from their jobs. But as you mentioned, balance is key. Although it's a challenge to strike a balance between things. But once it is achieved, it's a win-win.