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RE: Ladies of Hive: Contest 81-Technology: the good - the bad and the ugly

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I'm always telling my mother that our future will be on a mountain while watching the world burn. Maybe I'm being too nihilistic but right now there's more evil than good and humanity has proven itself over and over again to be a constant failure. AI is helping a lot but it is and will be used in a broader manner to misinform and confuse us even more. Don't you think like the timing is too perfect and convenient when it comes to the arrival of COVID-19 or is it me being conspiratorial? I don't know, but I do know that money shifted hands and the rich are becoming richer while the poor poorer. Crypto is helping a lot but what if this was the plan all along? I don't know if you have seen the TV show Westworld; I do believe there will be a time where humanity will be able to transfer consciousness into machines, hence inmortality. Since I want to be eternal, hopefully we'll be alive and rich enough to buy ours. Cheers!


It is so hard to predict what will happen to humanity despite the evil that is also clearly present. I will choose and hope that good will prevail over evil - eventually anyway. I do not know whether you are being conspiratorial because time has proven some conspiracies to become facts.
I have not seen Westward but now I am curious for sure.
When consciousness is transferred into machines - that can of immortality will not replace humans - although interesting - it does not seem appealing.