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The title of this post gives an idea of where this is going doesn't it? Well, that's the idea behind it.

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We all know how much technology has been of help to us. We have experienced first hand, one way or another, how much easier it is with just the click of a mouse or tap of a screen. We all know the beautiful benefits that comes with this virtual world.

This and much more raise questions though because where there is a good, there's a bad. This leads me to the question of the day...

With the arrival of the global pandemic, online commerce has grown into something routine. Do you like shopping online? Have you had a bad purchase, the product you ordered did not arrive on time, or was not what was expected? Tell us about your experience or if you still don't buy online, tell us the reason.

The only online shopping I have done in my life time is through WhatsApp. How it happened was, she advertised her products and I happened to be in need of what she sells so I patronized her. Still I had to wait three days for my order to arrive.

What I ordered was what I got though but let's look at the reasons why I don't like shopping online.

I think I have an innate fear of getting what I didn't order for because it happens a lot to those around me. I have always been the get it done yourself lady which is why I don't mind going to the market to get whatever I want. Infact, I enjoy it.

The most popular site for shopping here is Jumia and I'll say, I've seen a lot of crazy mix ups. So I swore off ever getting anything online. I like to have things in control. The thought that a lot could go wrong in so little time doesn't appeal to me at all.

What if the jeans I ordered isn't my size? What if the shoe doesn't look as great as it did in the pictures? What if the dress makes me look fat?

Nope. Those are things I can't deal with especially since I'm better at measuring sizes in 30 & 40 rather than 10 & 11.

If I ever get around online shopping, it might be wonderful but hehe... I don't like uncertainties and with how much disaster I've seen my friends orders turn to: "Seeing is believing"



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I agree there are certain things that I like to buy in person because of their tangible nature ...such as clothes that i can feel first lol... If I know exactly what I want eg; replacement shoes of identical style, I am happy to buy online but otherwise...mostly clothes in the shops!Tech stuff online all the way. !PIZZA

Oh 😂....


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Thank you Buzzy!

I understand, you like to have things under control and do it yourself. I hope that if one day you dare to buy online, things will go well for you and I will encourage you to continue doing so. Thanks for sharing 😊

Thank you very much ❤️

Your reasons of not liking online shopping is relatable especially with clothes and shoes or similar stuff. It can be bothersome if the size that gets to you isn't yours then you have to return for a replacement and it's a hassle.

Yes yes... But perhaps I'll grow out of it

I bet you will, if not, then it's still okay.

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Thank you 😊


Most times what we under online is 50/50 , it's might be good and vice versa 🤣.

Although most times , i see people complaining about what the got online, in term of size , the look and quality, but nevertheless the majority of people are still buying stuff online.

However, in my own case, i don't like to buy things online, i will rather go to the market and buy things according to my taste.

I came across your post via @dreemport


Thanks for the tag @deraaa, I'll get right to it. Based I my personal experiences with shopping online, I'd rather head to the market myself as well.

In fact, I don´t like uncertainties too because I will be hurt. I have heard of many stories about Jumia and other online shopping because you might not receive what you ordered for. So, I had rather go to the market myself to see what I am buying. I came through @dreemport

We think alike sister

Hi, @deraaa , I mentioned your article here!

Oh! I saw it and I am so grateful. Thank you very much!