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The questions presented by The Ladies of Hive caught my attention. Yes yes yes! I'm guilty of not having been involved in this community for quite a while but it's never too late to make that turn– unless you're dead. Glad I'm not!

I'll be answering the first question in the prompt. You can follow this Link to know more and participate. I'll also take this time to invite @iskafan and @samsmith1971 to participate.

I'll break down the questions so that I can give better answers.



I believe the first problem I encounter is not being able to think outside the box. Being innovative has a lot to do with being creative and coming up with ideas that'll help and aid society in tackling problems. I do get ideas, yes, my problem is developing them and bringing them to fruition. Also financial challenges because getting hands on can be quite expensive.

One other challenge I face is self doubt and fear of the unknown. Yes. Risk taking. I fear rejection and being called stupid. But soon enough, I've learned that smart people were once stupid.


EMOTIONAL: I am speaking for myself when I say that going on my knees in prayer does do me a lot of good emotionally. For one, a lot of my fears dissipate. Secondly, my Mom who happens to be my only direct family. She's learned and her advice always come in handy. Especially when I encounter failure, she's a good pillar of moral support. Also, music and books give me a sense of comfort and directive. I do get really creative listening to good music. To the point I make mine. Writing too. When I pen stuff down and review it, I get more insight on what I may be doing right or wrong.

INSTRUMENTAL: I love to write and make music. I believe practicing more and digging deep in educational books would help sharpen these talents I have. Also the internet but to be very honest, purchasing a YouTube bundle isn't quite affordable for me right now.

INFORMATIONAL: I believe that one way to tackle self doubt which could be as a result of low self esteem is empowerment. In this case, knowledge wise. Taking time to get feedback from those close to me would be good. I'm sure it would do me a lot to pitch my ideas/work to close people who'd not take my feelings into consideration and tell me like it is. People knowledgeable in my field. I believe it would push me to get better in thinking and applying strategies. I also believe getting involved in my field of interest with regards to available materials and attending workshops/seminars/webinars would also do wonders. Also it would sharpen my social skills and take me out of my comfort zone.


ACCOUNTABILITY: Evaluation and review on my progress with charts or financial statements (it could also be with goal achievement and numbers) is another way to move myself forward I guess. As I learn daily, getting new suggestions on ways to make my learning easier would be very much appreciated. I think I'd seek a mentor in my field as well so I can report to someone.

That's it. I already got started on the Informational part as I've been reading and putting in practice already. So I'm about to get registered at a Tech/Creative Writing workshop close to where I stay. It's time I utilize this talent and turn it to something more professional. Not been up to it because of my fears but, my future depends heavily on this right now.



Producing any form one requires insight and knowledge, ideas flow all the time write them down in a jotter, many times a word or phrase captures your attention, never let it go to waste.

Last night I enjoyed the second half of an interview, something we appear to miss is attention to detail must be accomplished in a very short space of time for people to remember. Perhaps this will interest you, it amazed me how to overcome some hurdles

Thanks for sharing, hope the course you signed up for is successful in putting you onto the right track.


@joanstewart(6/10) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

Given the current emission rate of LUV pushing 500/day, increases to required LUV levels will likely be forthcoming.

Thank you very much for the link. I'm sure it would prove helpful and yes, i should develop the habit of paying attention. Thanks so much again

Have fun, never be scared to try, that is where most of us fall short in achieving.


Enjoy creating yourself into what you want to be.

This was very enlightening. Thanks for sharing.

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You have the music gift too? I’d love to listen sometime!!!

You would. I have one (just one) pinned to my blog. Thanks so much for the Engagement ❤️

Moving forward is one thing and the motivation to keep moving even in bad times is another.

Yes. Motivation 😊

Self-doubt and fear of taking risk is common.
Believe in yourself, they say.
If you don't, who will?
Thanks for sharing and good luck with the contest, @deraaa!

Thank you so much ❤️

Fear is a very negative tool to success, especially fear of the unknown. Never ever doubt yourself, never, always believe you, can no matter how hard it might seem to be.
Good luck @deraaa, moving forward is the goal.

Thank you so much for your support

I'm glad I could be of help.

it's never too late to make that turn– unless you're dead.

I like that 👍🏻


Thinking outside the box means you have to be innovative. Great point you have there.

Thanks so much for reading 😊

The way she doubts herself makes me sad and unhappy at all times. You can do anything you set your heart to, baby. I need you to hold unto God and believe in yourself.

Whatever resources you have at the moment, use them, they may seem little, but it's those tiny drops of water that makes an ocean, remember?

I believe in you. Go and make me proud ❤️❤️

I should just start calling you mummy abeg. This one touch my heart ❤️

Hahaha, please ooooo, me that knows you love your mummy so much, no one can take her place 😁🥺🌝


Hahaha 😂😂

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I think that good constructive feedback is a valuable aspect to get from another peer's point of view, to identify a weakness, and an opportunity to get advice from those that have experience and a way of assessing your goals.

Thanks for sharing @deraaa

Thanks for your support ❤️😌