Ladies of Hive Community Contest #61 - My Entry (@babysteps)

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Hello, ladies of Ladies of Hive, my name is Renuka Gohel. I'm from Gujarat(India). According to the contest, I picked the first question to answer and I think this is a great opportunity for me and every other female participant. Using this opportunity we can share our thoughts and also we can understand and know each other well.

The question that I am going to answer is:

  • 2022 is on the doorstep! Grant yourself three wishes, let us know why! Maybe it is ideas on changing how we live, clean living challenges, social and cultural shifts, equalizing business to allow all to grow within new technology in a creative manner, or something else.

2022 is on the doorstep, So firstly happy new year to all of you lovely ladies in advance🤗. May God give you all the success you want😊.

Here in the contest, we have allowed only three wishes to write although I have many wishes that I would like to make, but these three will do for now.😅.

  1. My first wish

    A new year is a new start for everyone. So my first wish is a healthy and wealthy new year for a new and fresh start for everybody. This is required after two years of pandemic and stressful period for everybody. But I also wish if everybody follows the rules and regulations put by the government.

    Pandemic Stress

    Because if everybody had followed the pandemic-related rules, the pandemic could have ended earlier. Indirectly this will benefit everybody but I have been enclosed in the four walls of my home for the past two years and have not been to any good place in this period. So my first wish would be that every restriction put on us due to this pandemic end as soon as possible so that I can go outside without any fear and explore places that I have yet to explore. I would also love to share my exploration with all of you on my new blog posts.😄

  2. My second wish

    My second wish is a family trip to the mountains. Even though I have already mentioned above that I would like to explore new places but you can figure out from this wish how much I love to explore and visit places. Mountains and nature have a special place in my heart and the food that I can eat is also something that I am currently craving. I can't remember the last time when all five members of my family visited a good tourist place. I think it's been a long time since we went out for a trip. I would love to visit Shimla once because we lived near Shimla in the past but could not visit Shimla due to the busy schedule of my father.

    Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India

  3. My third wish

    My third wish for the year 2022 is that India as a country would regulate the crypto and blockchain space for the good so that more people can benefit from this innovative field. As you all know that India has a population of around 1.4 billion people and if even 10% of the population gets educated about this and begins to accept the new innovative ideas then I think we will see a ten-fold growth in the blockchain industry. I also would like to know more about blockchain technology and would love to explore the new innovative ideas put forward by others.

    Blockchain India

And this concludes my three wishes and now I would like to invite @jyotigujju to @ladiesofhive

Thank you for reading this post


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