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RE: 3D Printing - Calibration and Cannabis

in 3D Printing6 months ago

I'm very interested in your experiences, both good and bad, success and failure, so really appreciate this kind of post showing and discussing what you go through using your 3D printer.

I need to create space for one, and I expect to be putting it to work in 2022.



Thank you for the kind words @valued-customer!

Maybe I should make more of these types of videos, but I feel I could improve the recording environment substantially. If I recorded with an additional camera and had close ups of screen specifics for the software used, this could help others who are trying to learn.

I hope you are able to achieve your goals in 2022 with creating space and getting a printer all set up and printing. This would be exciting and I would look forward to seeing what kind of things you decide to print if you decide to blog about it.

Thank you!