3D Printed 3Speak Verification!

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Hello Everyone,

This is my first 3Speak video 3D printing!

Some of you might know me as @futuremind, my main account on Hive.

I was away for a while and now I'm getting active again, but this time around I am stepping up my game with
3D printing as well, with my dedicated account @print3dpro which will only post 3D printing material.

Expect some futuremind guitar videos in the near future as well from my main account :D

I decided to make a verification video of sorts.

I think it's unique and maybe no one else has even done this before here.

I utilized Tinkercad.com (an entry level CAD site) to create this 3Speak logo for 3D printing.

I could have printed my user name, but I did that for my introduction post, and just felt this would be
cooler in some ways, and should suffice as proof of 3Speak work :)

This was my first time making a 3D printing video with transition effects, and managed to make a 1.5 hour print
into a video less than 3 minutes.

Please feel free to tell me what I can improve, I'm always open for constructive advice.

If you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing your thoughts. I value engagement and always try to respond
and visit the accounts to return engagement and support. Time is a valuable commodity, yours is appreciated
and I always keep that in mind while considering the future.

Thank you for stopping by, have a great day! ~~@print3dpro

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Marvelously cool! I'm gonna ask for a TOKYO HOT badge so I can stick it behind my car.

Thank you! TOKYO HOT badge it is! I can print you one easily ;)
Shipping is another story, might have to add some extra items to make it worth the cost. :D

shipping cost eh... probably cost the printer 😅

It's amazing idea I ever seen.You are really awesome .I love that how you made its really incredible.Anyway want to see more videos like that.All the best.

Thank you so much! I am happy you enjoyed this 3D printing video!

Anyway want to see more videos like that.All the best.

I must make more then! 😀Thank you for your kind words and support my friend!

Welcome my friend...Have a nice day .

Awsome man!! now start printing Ar-15's : )

I could, and perhaps I should. I even have the training to hit the bullseye every single time...

Thank you for the kind words! :)

Amazing!! Yea I can not understand why the 3d printing gun guys on YouTube are not also on looking for solutions, and finding web 3.0

Thank God you are here though!

Some things in this area are a little complicated. Some of us are prohibited from ever legally owning a firearm ever again, and they are always watching 👁️

The feds would be at my door by the time I finished the buttstock.

I know how to do it untraceable, but what that would entail would be almost impossible for me to achieve right now.

Maybe in the future, mind you, it's bright ;)

This is amazing I must and you did awesome work. Looking forward to seeing more like this from you. great work bro

Thank you so much bro, I always appreciate your support and thoughtful comments! :)

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