Cleaning The Ender 3 V2

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Hello Everyone,

Today I was chatting with a new Hive friend of mine @l337m45732 about getting our printers working nice, and cleaning was brought up.

When considering cleaning this machine, I wanted an easy and quick process. So I ordered an air blower, and it turned out to be super efficient.

I talk about the Kotto multi purpose air blower in the video while showing how to use it on the Ender 3 V2.

Thank you for stopping by,

Have a great day! ~~@print3dpro

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You definitely get my upvote everytime.. I think you might be the only person 3D printing on hive..

Maby sometime you can do a tech/hardware review of the ender3 and tell us why you like it so much, and what other options are out there.

Thank you for the kind words and support!

There are a few others 3D printing on Hive as well. I recommend checking out the 3D printing communities to find more content creators in this field :)

That's a great idea, I appreciate you sharing what you would like to see! That's what it's all about, and helps keep me busy creating content!

Have a great day! :)

You too!!

I tightened the belts as you suggested too. Huge difference!

Nice! I'm so happy to hear that! I thought it looked a little like banding, which can occur from loose belts. Great that you made some progress.
Thanks for stopping by and for the support! :)

Absolutely. Thanks again!

You're welcome, it's a pleasure to help :)

Well done buddy! I like it you keep your pace and take your time to explain! Gotta keep it clean!

On the side note, you may wanna change your voice a little. I know you usually talk at this low voice, but if you can raise your voice a little higher pitch, it will make world of difference for your audience. Not sure why, but microphone tend to auto cancel "normal" voice regardless of frequency. Even if someone is already high pitch, they'll have to go even higher to make their voice standout.

Another thing I would like to see is multi angle. Not really wanting a professional editing skill or recording equipment, but it will be nice if you have your camera recoding at main, and may be a cell phone recording from the other side. That way, at 5 minutes we don't have to watch your butt and not knowing which part you're cleaning. Will be a simple transition when doing the editing, just switch to the other video, once done and then switch back.

Also, if this is going to be a series, I have an idea of making an intro music by of collecting all the fan sound of the printer, alter their pitch with editing tool, and may be collect the cracking support from finished product for drum beat. I think that will be super cool 🤘

I thought I have a nice butt though :D
I could see how that would be distracting to some.

All jokes aside, you're right. It's not good for the content, in that I'm blocking the view of the machine. I do have a tablet that I might be able to set up at a different angle, but the quality of the camera is quite bad.. I'll have to brainstorm this a bit and come up with a solution.

The voice is tough because I have somewhat of a deep voice and if I purposely up the pitch with how I talk it's probably not going to sound right and people will think I've lost it.. Perhaps I can figure out some headset solution in the future that will give my voice better clarity, especially for the times I have to turn my back to the camera/microphone.

I didn't think about multiple cameras, but that's a perfect solution. I could even hardwire cameras to the ceiling directly connected to the pc, with 3D printed holders right :D

Then it would be truly like "eye in the sky" 👁️

alter their pitch with editing tool, and may be collect the cracking support from finished product for drum beat. I think that will be super cool 🤘

That's a cool idea actually. Not sure how doable it is with the fans, (probably editing software would do the trick) but I did see some people playing around with the stepper motor speeds to achieve different pitches, specifically for this purpose of creating music from machine parts.

That video is mesmerizing and makes me miss floppy disks.

Thank you for the amazing comment, support, and video bro! :)

Jamás se me hubiera ocurrido utilizar un soplador para limpiar la impresora 😅

No me gusta limpiar. Quiero que sea fácil 😅