Microgreens Planter - Designed and 3D Printed

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Hello Everyone,

Lately I haven't been highly active with the 3D printing and have been deeper into the gardening, which can be seen on my main blog @futuremind.

I've been printing some small things like LST clips, small handle fittings for tools, different variations of filament guides, and spice holders, (which I am planning to make a detailed post on later) but just had to take a brief step back from posting as much here with everything I've had going on. I do my best to post as much as possible and appreciate all the kind support and comments.

I've been planning to grow some microgreens in my indoor garden and couldn't seem to find a planter on thingivervse that I liked. So I decided to make my own after conceptualizing the fact that it's a rather simple thing to design.

Microgreens Planter


I utilized the beginner friendly Tinkercad web browser based CAD program to create this microgreens planter.

Microgreens Planter

Microgreens Planter

This print comes complete with a drainage tray, and came out pretty nice on the first attempt printing at 0.28 mm layer height with 20% infill. TECBEARS PLA is the material I'm using. Anyone with a 3D printer can download the files from the link provided below the photos and is listed under the creative commons attribution license. Which means you can do with it whatever you please, including selling it online. I hold no restrictions over my creations and welcome everyone to use them however they wish.

After I publish this post I'll be throwing some soil in the planter and loading it up with some lettuce seeds. After the process is complete I'll be showing photos of this planter in use on my main blog @futuremind.

That will do it for this 3D printing post.

Your time is a valuable commodity and I always keep this in mind and do my best to respond to everyone. Thank you all for the amazing support and engagement!

Thank you for stopping by, have a great day! ~~@print3dpro


Thanks for sharing your 3D Printer builds!

How did you decide where to put the drainage holes?

I've tried and I've tried and I've tried some more... to figure out how to align multiple objects within an object in Tinkercad with thirds and quarters, etc... but the only options that seem to be available are all the way left, all the way right, or center.

Rather than spend hours trying to get the holes perfectly aligned, I did my best to align them visually.

There might be some options in the program for this but I can't seem to find them and am a pretty slow learner with certain things lol.


The alignment is by no means perfect but the plants won't notice :D

It might irritate some perfectionists out there, but I don't know what to tell them. I prefer perfect alignment but don't prefer losing my sanity over software that just doesn't seem to have the features :D

Thanks for your support and engagement my friend.

Looks great to me! Trying to stay sane while living on an insane planet is the definition of insanity! lol

Thanks man 😄
We can just choose to look at things differently than the herd.

If sheeple call us insane, I'm just like hmmm in-sane = in a state of sanity :P

A crazy brain adapts to crazy situations more efficiently!


So I decided to make my own ...

I think the fact you can think of something that you want, design it, build it, and then use it is phenomenal. One day we'll all have 3D printers in our homes, but until then I'll live vicariously through you. Thanks for sharing all the 3D printing fun.

Thanks so much my friend, you always leave such nice comments 🤗

3D printing is definitely pretty cool, and I feel fortunate to not only have a 3D printer, but also the ability to use it constructively. :)

I appreciate all of your kind encouragement, and I hope you will also manage to get one of these in your home in the future. You will know who to hit up if you need any help getting started too :D

From here onwards, I'm thinking may be soon you'll have more own design printing. Marvelous job in doing the cad!

Thanks bro,
Haven't had any super creative ideas coming to me, but I'm feeling more confident that I can design practical things to print, even if I have to start with simple box like shapes such as this planter :D

Buen trabajo, en especial por el hecho de realizar algo que necesitabas y no había nada existente que cumpliera con tu necesidad. Voy a intentar de seguir tus publicaciones sobre las plantas, me parece algo interesante

Gracias mi amigo!

Utilizo este blog para la impresión 3D y luego incorporo usos para mi blog principal.

Aprecio tus amables palabras!

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