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In deep thought as I grip my glue gun for comfort.

Why.... WHY did you have to break parts fan?

Are you really broken?

Perhaps you are just eluding my perceptual boundaries.

The printer is talking to me I can hear it say:

"Futuremind stays perplexed, can a glue gun fix this mess?"
"Perhaps you should take a rest."
"Then run some tests."


Nonsense I say!

Voltmeter where are you?

Can you help me fix this mess?

The voltmeter is talking to me I can hear it say:

"Futuremind stays perplexed, maybe your parts fan is burned out?"
"Perhaps you should take a rest."
"Then run some tests."


Nonsense I say!

If I sleep until the day,

my focus will run astray.

It will all come unglued.

Unglued... Unglued... UNGLUED!!!

It's a very messy day,

but I feel okay anyway.

Spaghetti al dente will stave away,

the hunger pangs which pull me away.

...Walks to the kitchen undefeated...

...This isn't over parts fan, tomorrow I'll search for clues...

My printer is in shambles at the moment, after the parts fan suddenly failed on me. I have checked the 24 volt source and it is indeed supplying the required 24 volts for the fan.

I think my parts fan burned out. This is a real bummer but not a major show stopper, it will just slow me down a bit until I have a new fan installed is all.

It could be upwards of a week or more until I have any fresh 3D printing content, so I decided to make this Glue's-Clues piece.

Some of you might remember the Nickelodeon children's show "Blue's Clues."(Wikipedia link) Being the oldest sibling in a family of five younger siblings, this show was always playing in my home for some reason.. I was ten years old when it first premiered September 8, 1996, and found the show to be kind of corny, but also kind of funny, and at times I randomly think of this show. During my search for "clues" with the parts fan, while gripping my glue gun for comfort, (just a little joke) the two just came together as the title of this piece.

I haven't solved the mystery for sure yet, but I'm pretty sure the fan is burned out, and I really did have some spaghetti al dente at the completion of the poem. Now I'm going to relax and will continue troubleshooting this problem tomorrow maybe.

That will do it for this (3D printing?) post!

Your time is a valuable commodity, and I always keep this in mind and do my best to respond to everyone. I appreciate all of the amazing engagement and support!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! ~~@print3dpro


Nooo más problemas con la impresora no jajaja. Realmente espero que puedas resolverlo y seguir trabajando en tus proyectos

Jajaja gracias mi amigo 😂
Es solo un ventilador roto.
O tal vez mal cableado.
Arreglaré esto sin problema 😄

You speak Spanish?

No , Google translate does 😂

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