3D Printed Salt And Pepper Shakers - And More!

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Hello Everyone,

Lately I've been working on some small prints, nothing major at the moment.

I have some plans for upcoming designs, one of which is a special kind of planter for indoor gardening. I intend to create a three stage planter, where the bottom is removable and able to be fitted on top of a second stage (larger) planter, and the second one will also have a removable bottom, for a third stage. Hopefully it all works out because I can see it in my mind, and it's going to be amazing :)

I printed some super cool salt and pepper shakers.

Egg salt shaker by AlexNZ May 11, 2014
My Thingiverse Make

The prints came out pretty sharp. I really like these, especially because they saved me some money, and I've been needing salt and pepper shakers for quite some time now.



Having a great time filling my new salt and pepper shakers! :D

I also printed a super cool minimalistic filament guide. I love this thing too, as it was a necessary upgrade for the Ender 3 V2.

Ender 3 v2 Filament Guide by Phille88 August 15, 2020
My Thingiverse Make


Before the filament guide.


And after..

The fit is a little loose, which was expressed by others on Thingiverse, but it's no big deal, because we all know how I love hot glue.


It's no longer a loose fit, and the hot glue is hardly noticeable. This isn't a matter of underflow, because I know my flow is on the money :)

I print everything with TECBEARS filament currently.

A PLA compound is what I use, and their brand of PLA produces very nice prints. The printable heating range is very forgiving. I print the first layer at 205 C and remaining layers 189-192 C.

In terms of filament diameter consistency, it's always good, and I've just never had any problems with this stuff.

I had a recent problem with an order.

The roll showed up with a broken vacuum seal. I was not happy and contacted them stating I would expect a new roll be sent if the filament was no good.

I provided them with a photo of the broken seal, and they responded in 7 hours, which I consider to be fast for an online customer complaint.

They asked me to provide my address for verification so they could send me a replacement with no need to return the old one. In other words, they gave me a free roll because of this, and it was at my doorstep within 48 hours like the first one was.


This was the roll I received first. (Which turned out to be perfectly fine.)


This was the "replacement" roll. If it's not obvious in the photo, believe me when I tell you, this is the most vacuum sealed roll I have ever received. I laughed a little when I opened it, because they definitely made sure to send me a vacuum seal that would exceed my expectations :D

I will be buying plenty more in the future. The prints speak for themselves, and the customer service satisfaction for me is as good as it gets.


I'll continue to support their vision, because they are serious about it from what they have shown me. Thanks TECBEARS!



Most of the photos in the post were taken with my Kodak PixPro.

This blog is an alt account, @futuremind being my main account, where my posts are more diverse. I dedicate this blog solely to 3D printing content, but 3D printing content here is incorporated as well into my main blog with home gardening projects and other things.

Your comments and support are always appreciated, as your time is a valuable commodity and I always keep that in mind and do my best to respond back.


Now back to printing the future.

Thank you for stopping by, have a great day! ~~@print3dpro


Super post my friend, loving the S+P and the pix are great....that last one is just tooo kewl. "but it's no big deal, because we all know how I love hot glue" made me lolz. Also congrats on looking up from your smartphone 👏


Thank you for the kind words my friend. I'm glad you got some lolz about the glue. 😄
To me it's just practical and makes more sense than wasting filament when fine adjustments might not be necessary :)

I might try to find a vintage replica phone that I can plug into the PC, kind of like that vintage radio, which I find super cool.

Thank you for making that awesome photo for me, it found its way onto my background for this account ;)
It's a perfect look and fit, almost seems like it was meant to be! :)

I am very pleased to see this blog and post, as I have been following the desktop manufacturing revolution since the 90s, when the first proposals for Fab Labs came out of academia at amazingly low costs of ~$25k. I also work in construction, and am primarily interested in additive manufacturing and CNC type finishing of construction materials.

I know there are paste printers, but those are for food, like frosting. I have never bit the bullet and acquired a 3D printer, as I live in a pretty small village and have never met anyone, or even made their acquaintance online, that had ever used, much less owned, a 3D printer.

As you will note from my interest, I have a lot of questions I'd love to have answered, but know I will have to tinker myself to answer most of them. Of course money is an issue, and throwing money at model after model of printer that fails to meet my needs has long seemed the only possibility, which is why I have never taken the plunge.

Can you gently let me down, or if willing to waste time on a nub, point me towards useful, tweakable, products that might enable me to gain useful experience?



Marvelous work! The last pic smile looks a little kinky though 🤣

Thank you!

The last pic smile looks a little kinky though 🤣

I can't confirm nor deny.. albeit and interested woman might like to know what kind of toys I can make on this machine :D

This is mind blowing, I can't even imagine it. 3D printing is what I will love to get on one day as well.

Thank you! I hope you do get a 3D printer someday. Knowing how you love tech, you would certainly love 3D printing.
Thank you for the support and interest my friend!

Functional 3D prints!!!! Nice work!

Thanks! I like the ornamental non functionals too, but.. the home is starting to fill up with too many of those 😄


Running out of places to put them lol. I could print more of those small shelves maybe :D

Custom sized shelves for people who collect.. action figures or other collectables would be cool!

Example.. a minecraft looking shelf for a minecraft toy.

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