3D Printed LST - (Low Stress Training Clips)

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Hello Everyone,

Lately I've had all kinds of projects going on, and this is one that I've been pretty excited about.

It's relatively simple for a 3D printing project, and my printer has been performing very well. I'm able to slice a model in Cura Ultimaker, drop the .Stl file into Klipper, and hit the print button without anything going wrong lately.

Topsy Micro by TopsyMicro May 04, 2018

I printed a bunch of these low stress training clips that @evileddy helped me find with what he refers to as his "strong Google-fu." The Google-fu is strong indeed, as he found these in barely any time at all. I searched quite a bit and just couldn't seem to find them prior.

I think I was using the wrong keywords because I didn't know they were called LST clips, and was inputting things like "cannabis bending clips".. just whatever I could think of..

Let's have a closer look at the clips.

Topsy Micro by TopsyMicro May 04, 2018

It would be difficult to realize what you're looking at with these unless you know the intended use. In my opinion anyway.. It is not blatantly obvious what they are for.

I initially discovered these clips on @jonyoudyer's blog.

In his most recent post these clips can be seen in use, so I will share a photo from that post along with his post link. If you like these clips, please consider checking out his post and blog. You won't be disappointed if you're into cannabis :)

[email protected] Update: Supper Cropping

This gives a clearer look at the intended purpose of these clips. By the looks of it, they are very efficient for stress training. It's also obvious in the photo above that his clips are 3D printed as well. I'm guessing these aren't something that can be bought commercially at the moment, but I don't know for sure. That's just a guess.

Let's talk about my 3D printing method for mass production of these awesome clips.


I've heard many others who 3D print say:

"Never print multiple objects on the print bed at once."

For some applications this may be true, but I tend to disagree with this as a blanket statement.

If I placed all of these clips on the bedplate, there would be a high likeliness that one might break lose, causing all of them to be a failure.

So how do I circumvent this risk?

By simply placing them all on a raft. A raft is a very good option for printing a mass of small parts. Otherwise the failure rate is much higher.

With a raft, I'm likely to never have a failure with printing multiple of these clips.

We can see above in that photo the raft, with all of the clips attached. They just snap right off when the printing job is complete.

I printed 2 sizes here.

The smaller ones are the size the downloaded .Stl file is scaled to, and then I bumped it up 150% for another larger batch.

Cura Ultimaker

It takes about 3.5 hours to print a dozen of these. (The larger ones) That's not bad at all! Only about 1.5 hours for the smaller ones.

Printed at 0.16 mm layer height. Not a super fine resolution, but not a super low resolution either.

We don't need them to be super pretty, but I still think my finely tuned Ender 3 V2 makes them look pretty nice at this resolution. Let's a take an even closer look at the layers.

Topsy Micro by TopsyMicro May 04, 2018

That's the beautiful Tecbears filament with a nice glossy shine.

I opted to use white, with a heat slightly more than needed. (To increase shine)


Because a white glossy finish reflects light better :)

I've printed these with light reflective properties in mind ;)

I think about a lot of variables.

That's pretty much it for this post!

Pretty soon these will be on my @futuremind blog, in use on the current cannabis plants I'm growing.

Thanks for stopping by.

I appreciate all of the wonderful comments and support, your time is a valuable commodity and I always keep that in mind and do my best to answer everyone.

Have a great day! ~~@print3dpro


Those came out fantastic! Great work!

May your google-fu, be true to you! bows

Thank you my friend! My google-fu has been immensely improved because of your training 🙏

This is absolutely amazing bro, you did a great job with your 3d printing, I like everything about your work. Thanks you so much for share.

Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed my 3D printing post my friend!

No matter how you slice it, 3D printing is just cool.

I love that clever use of words ;)
Thanks for your attention to detail and entertaining wittiness 😄

Have a great day my friend.

Super cool training clip. Waifu probably like this if she finds out.

These are awsome. A clip of the process would be dope.

Thanks a bunch! Sorry for the late reply. I'm sometimes slow with checking comments on this account but I do my best. Maybe I should create short video clips as 3speak posts for all of my 3D printing posts, and just add photos and text. Not a bad idea! Thanks for the support and comment, trying to get these clips out to cannabis growers on the blockchain too. they come in handy. I just added a bunch to my plants on my main blog.

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Thanks for showing some love for the project! I did not expect for so many people to find a use for these clips...I mean...I knew they worked for my small grow but they've really found a community! I never actually expected for them to be used on larger plants either but, hey...if it works for the shorties....why not show se love to the tall girls?Again...seriously....thank you for showing your support for the project. It really means the world to me. This was intended to be shared freely with the 3D/Cannabis community and by you taking the time to put your experience out there, you're helping make that possible. Much love.

Unfortunately, right now no one can download the Topsy Micro. I released the project for free to the world. An individual has patented MY design and is preventing me from sharing it on Thingiverse. Yeah...you read that right...this person is claiming ALL rights to the project...big bummer....as well...not really much I can do other than continue to give them out for free.

Please continue to share this file. I've got a lot of other projects in the works but...I've got to be a lot more careful as I don't want others profiting off of my hard work.

Again...thank you for the write up. It warms my heart to know that this project has found such an audience.
You rock!

(Edit) Thingiverse will be updated shortly with a new file.

Thank you so much for the kind words and support!

I haven't been very active lately, so I apologize for taking a bit to return a response to your message.

An individual has patented MY design and is preventing me from sharing it on Thingiverse. Yeah...you read that right...this person is claiming ALL rights to the project..

Wow I'm speechless reading this... This is unfortunate that your design was stolen by way of patent.. It doesn't seem like there is much solution to this, and it's probably a good idea to not upload designs without patent unless one doesn't really care if other's use/steal/profit, however it's viewed by the designer.. (there's various opinions and perspectives regarding this topic)

If I designed something and someone made it impossible for me to sell my own design, (or at least claim intellectual ownership over the design work) I would be pretty upset too.

Again...thank you for the write up. It warms my heart to know that this project has found such an audience.
You rock!
(Edit) Thingiverse will be updated shortly with a new file.

Thank you kindly for creating this and sharing it with the gardening community! Regardless of what happened, you did a great thing for us by creating this for the community!