3D Printed Light Rack Solution

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Hello Everyone,

The past week has been a little slow on the Ender 3 V2 printer, but progress has been made nonetheless!

I ended up printing a light rack solution as a means to expand my indoor garden.

Building Frame
by anthoney84 January 06, 2021 , licensed under theCreative Commons - Attribution license.

I found this "building frame" on Thingiverse and decided it would suit my needs perfectly.

I didn't end up using all of the associated parts, as I ran into some printing problems with some of them, and also this started turning into a puzzle because the pieces don't fit certain ways. I opted to just use a couple different fittings, and everything turned out very practical in the end.

The support beams are 200 millimeter piping, connected with 2 way connectors, and the top is held together by 6 way connectors.

I utilized some zip ties for easy connecting of the LED lights to the rack.

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What I like about this the most is that I can raise and lower the height with these beams, and can also scale them to half the length (or smaller) and print more for precision height. For now these should do just fine.

This is a graptosedum bronze, a succulent plant which demands intense light and is the reason for one of these light racks being so low.

Here is some mixed variety flowers that have not bloomed yet and some lettuce. These require a further distance from the lights. There is some visible light damage from being too close, and is the reason one of these light racks is much higher than the other.

Is the viewer wondering what these light racks look like with the lights on?

Does the Hive community like this 3D printed light rack solution?
I would love to hear your thoughts, likes, dislikes, and/or ideas for other projects. I'm always open to suggestions!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! ~~@print3dpro


You always bring something different and interesting to share and I like this light rack. LED makes it look so nice and stunning and undoubtedly design is good too.

Thank you my friend, I appreciate the kind words. I do my best to bring unique quality content to the Hive blockchain. More to come soon! :)

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That sounds like an awesome idea actually. I'm willing to bet the LED's will charge the glow just fine, and will be a cool looking unit :)

Sure I would love to be a mod! Thank you for the offer, and I'll add my next post to the community as well :)
Gonna try to start posting a bit more here, I think I can do better than once a week.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the encouragement and support!

Feel free to post where ever you want to, but also check my comment here and on this post to understand whom you´re dealing with.

Send me a message on discord please futuremind#5073 so we may discuss why it was appropriate to unvote my comments and make my post out too look like a political battle. Would be much appreciated, thank you.

The issues you guys have has nothing to do with me and I'm shocked that votes were taken away from me by your community account!

I have to process all of what has just been thrown my way, but it's clear I have to pick sides on some kind of political issue you guys have, and it's clear my support depends on my decision, wow!


we have to apologize, removing votes on this discussion has nothing to do with @schlees. One of our staff members accidentally voted on the discussion last night, against the guidelines we use internally.

Content discussions that benefit the community will be voted on. The votes on the post itself and the other discussion here in the channel will of course remain.

@nbs.gmbh is also not a community account. It is the account of a company from southern Germany, which is curatively active here as part of a cooperation with @druckado.


It's just kind of discouraging... like me as the user being punished for a guideline mistake made by you guys, just leaves a bad taste... why not just eat the miniscule vote . What was it like 5%? Would it have really hurt to leave it instead of upset a community poster who works hard to deliver quality content.. Wow.

I thought about making an exception. The problem is, once I make an exception, the next time I have to justify why I didn't make one.

I'm sorry, but I have to uphold the rules and correct them when mistakes are made. I hope you can understand, it's nothing against you personally. I just have to make sure that the recipients of votes are treated equally.


I understand, thank you for taking the time to explain, I know curator guidelines are strict with most of the community curation accounts and mistakes happen sometimes.

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Muted, as you reccomended, but also flagged, as i prefer.


and removing votes on an account who has nothing to do with this argument is unbelievable, you show up unvoting me and asking me to pick sides.


Thanks for showing your face again... after you admitted in our private conversation you spoiled it (cause you are greedy), leaving no place for a debate about this point yourself... this is one of your very next moves...?

Great job xD!

It was the right desicion not to trust you in the first place, you really have proven yourself (100%!) with this move.

This is very disrespectful to post on someone's blog who has nothing to do with this argument!!!!!

You chose to post in this Community, he chose to make you mod in his by commenting here after we had a private conversation.

Things needs to be spoken out, otherwise you won´t be able to understand whats going on, i also felt you should understand, whom you´re working with now ;).

Yes but to the point of unvoting me and flagging all the comments on my blog? Don't you think that's a bit extreme towards someone who didn't know about this issue between you guys?

There's more than one way to go about things, and perhaps we could have spoken on discord to begin with ?

Guess unvoting shoult be clear by now.

The flags are my statement on @holovision ´s actions i clearly pointed out, sry you got "involved", but i just don´t want to have ANY missunderstandings here.

I have been speaking with him via discord, i also was about to invite him for a private conversation with the team (last evening i was going to do so...^^), even after his shitty greedy statements...
Then i checked his actions onchain, what do you expect me to do, especially after his meme post?

More talking?
You see how/where that went ;D.^^

Do as you´re pleased (considering our discord conversation), no pressure, no nothing, you did nothing wrong here at any time.

Everything is clearly understood now.
My apologies for overreacting a bit, this all just came as an unexpected shock to me and I didn't react appropriately.
I'm sure I would have caught wind of it regardless given the circumstances.

I hope you gentlemen are able to come to some kind of peaceful agreement. The dynamics here are certainly very surprising.

Thank you again for taking the time to speak with me and clear up what is going on.