3D Printed Grow Tent Fan Bracket

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Hello Everyone,

Lately I have had the printer pretty busy with printing gardening supplies, but much of it has been things I have already blogged about before and was doing some small jobs for friends as well, so the 3D printing blog has not been as active lately.

I like to bring you ladies and gentlemen on the Hive blockchain as much content as I can though, so I decided to share this recent print in a post.

It's a Grow Tent Fan Bracket from thingiverse.com.

Grow Tent Fan Bracket - by BudDoc - December 15, 2021

Grow Tent Fan Bracket - by BudDoc - December 15, 2021

Apparently BudDoc is more than just a Bud Doctor, because he designed a very nice fan bracket here.

I've already printed up more than a few of these and they are a spot on fit for Vivosun tents. I assume these Vivosun tents probably use a standard size piping that other grow tents utilize as well and will likely work in various tents.

This thing was not easy to find either, maybe because of lack of tags, not sure.


I think finding it was a matter of chance, because I inputted the exact name of it, just trying to search for a decent fan bracket. There are a few that come up with different keyword searches but most of them are not very nicely engineered in my opinion, and this would not come up for any other keyword searches that I inputted. This bracket is a rare gem for these grow tents.




The photographs above show the layers in this print. This is printed at 0.28 layer height, and takes my slow but steady Creality Ender 3 V2 about eight hours to print.

I use a magnifier to get some macros, and personally find the photos fascinating to look at. It's cool how those layers look like a staircase and the ends flatten squarely instead of round. I'm left wondering how and why the ends are squared instead of round. There's probably a technical scientific reason for it that I may one day know. Currently I can only look at it with a level of mysterious appreciation and just wonder.

Since this is a color change filament, we can also see those creamy colors differing layer from layer, and I also find this to be visually appealing.

My Thingiverse Make Post

I posted a make of it on thigiverse on my PrintingPLA account, in hopes that more people who might be looking for one of these will stumble upon it. I think the guy did a really awesome job with the design and I hope he sees my make and is happy to know others are getting some use out of his work.

If you are reading this post and would like to see this actual fan bracket in use in my indoor cannabis garden, I'll be posting photos over on my main blog @futuremind in an upcoming cannabis garden update.


Please consider subscribing to my other blog as well if the content is of interest, but if not that's cool too, and I appreciate the interest and support on my 3D printing content!


That will do it for this 3D printing post.

What do you all think of this fan bracket I printed? I would love to read your thoughts in the comment section below!

Your time is a valuable commodity, and I always keep this in mind and do my best to respond to everyone. I appreciate all of the amazing engagement and support!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! ~~@print3dpro


I know next to nothing about 3D printers, so to me it's just sorcery. What is the material that you use and how sturdy is it?

También estoy en duda con la resistencia, no porque dude del material ni nada solo por lo que sostiene pero en general las piezas impresas con este fin soportan bien si están bien diseñadas

Este soporte está muy bien diseñado mi amigo.


Aquí hay uno que estoy usando actualmente que se rompió.

Se rompió debido a un problema de capas.

Si miras de cerca, puedes ver problemas de estratificación.

aunque el diseño es muy fuerte

¿No sabías que para que la Ender 3 V2 funcione correctamente, debe estar rota? No existe tal cosa como un Ender que funcione sin error, estoy convencido jajaja

Sorcerer Futuremind has a nice ring to it ;D

This is basically just thermodynamics in action (in a complicated way..)

The material that is used is called PLA (Polylactic acid) which is a corn starch base biodegradable plastic like material.

The sturdiness of this model is that of a bracket that could easily hold 10X the intended weight. In this sense it is very sturdy and durable.

PLA when under too much pressure is prone to a brittle snap and may not bend much before that snap occurs.

When PLA is exposed to elements, it breaks down faster than most commonly used petrol based plastics. I still think it will probably take quite a long time for something like this to wear out however.

The process is FDM - Fused Deposition Modeling - additive manufacturing.

Here's a two minute video on the basics of how the machines work:


Thank you for the support and intuitive questions @litguru !

This stuff just blows my mind. The idea that I can manufacture a tangible object from home, and possibly without pants on, is just amazing. I imagine the quality of materials will only improve from here on. Thanks for answering my query.

Those pants might come flying off when women see what you can create with it too ;)
Yep it blows my mind too, and is very fun to watch while smoking weed.
It's a pleasure friend, thanks for your interest :)

is very fun to watch while smoking weed.

You're onto something here. Forget meditation, 3D printing is the propper way to reach enlightenment.

Nice 🤣