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RE: 3D Printing - Toys for my Son and Building Together

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I was interested in a 3d printer for a while. I was almost going to buy one, but there was a big inflation at that time and where did the prices go up 2-3 times. So I gave up. The fingers you made look really perfect. I'm sure your child feels like Wolverine 😂.


Yes, the feeling of being like wolverine ~~ I can relate to that. hahahaha.
What I suggest if you want to hop on board you can start with the cheaper and smaller versions first... and get your hand dirty.
These machines are known to fail often and you will be hands on in repairing them half the time. When you understand how to fix the cheaper on... later when the price starts to go down and when you get it...... your are MASTER LEVEL 9999 from the start!!! :)

Hahahaha thanks for the advice but I don't want to start with the worst. The others are quite expensive. I'll skip this for now and just read your posts 😂.

Yes your right, its either concerningly cheap or its extremely expensive. Since you will wait then I will try to provide you with some good information knowledgebase on 3D printing at the same time entertain you by printing some projects that might want you to get into it. :) This is what Hive is for right? :) Thanks!~

Yes, that's exactly what the hive is for. I will continue to follow your adventures with the 3d printer 😂.