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RE: 3D Printing - Toys for my Son and Building Together

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This is a real father and son moment, it is great how to are bringing him to learn and know a lot about the things you do. Many might think he is young but the knowledge is acquiring at this age would give him an edge over his peers.

I know printing is not easy but you are doing a great job with it.


Father and son moment sometimes yes... most of the time its just trying to get it done.
Because one thing about kids is that you consistently have to train them to try and finish off what you started.
This my friend... sometimes become a REAL Father and Son Moment of me staring into his eyes.. hahahahaha!!!

But I realize its both training... being a dad there is one thing I learn to train... PATIENCE.
and I am not a guy who has that at all... but my son trains me on that part. :)