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RE: 3D Printing - Toys for my Son and Building Together

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I have no words to express this cool work in my words. Just speechless.

It's a digital world and how much you are attached to it I got to know by reading this article of yours.
The fingers you made I remember i used to make them out of paper when I was a child😅. But today you turned it into real (marvellous) And I am delighted with the friendly bonding between you and your son. A father should promote his child in this way.

How hardworking you are.... Just amazing.💕


Wow... thanks!! 😆

There is some passion in the work yes... I mean its better to work on something with some positive energy right?
Even though it might not progress as smoothly or in the end something did work out... it is still better than starting anything up with a negative attitude.

For children I do think its even more important because through out the year during covid, its the young kids who needs social interaction the most.
If it aint gonna happen then I will make it happen. Simple.... just act pretty silly or dumb. hahahahah.

I still have a long long way to go... and to be honest I am no different than another father with a son.
Maybe it looks better cause my blogs includes my kid. 😂😂😂

Thanks for your comment its very encouraging.

Indeed, if work is done with passion, it is more fun to do.

Right!! Due to covid, children have really suffered a lot, they were left in a kind of prison. Outdoor activities were completely missed but we should not leave the children alone at all, we should continue to teach them something or the other.

Haha yeah of course because of your blogs, your bonding with your son is visible @whangster79