Instavolt: Favourite chargers

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Whenever I need to do a rapid charge, I find Instavolt to be the best here in the UK. Especially when paired with my Chargepoint card.


You can register for one of these RFID cards via their website and associate it with your bank account. The Chargepoint card is permanently credited with £10 ready for use when you tap in at a charging station.

So whenever your balance drops below £10 which it has right now, I am writing this as I wait. The card gets topped up again via your bank.

The Chargepoint app keeps me posted as does the screen on the charging station.


Chargepoint is compatible with other networks. So far I’ve used it with Instavolt and Osprey. It’s a handy thing to have. Weird though it may sound, apps do sometimes just get in the way!


Cool stuff. It seems the charging network is still evolving. I hope you can get power when you need it.


It’s getting there for sure. The next few years will be interesting.

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