Investing Mining Rigs & Gadgets (No it's not for Bitcoin)

in Beatzchain11 months ago

So I caught a couple ideas I just don't know where to go so far so I'm looking to get some ideas... I want to invest in mining rigs, super computers, and gadgets for cheap Cryptocurrencies for holding, and for passive income so I thought about mining cheap cryptos for many reasons like power usage, the amount of coins I can mine, and the potential cheap coins can have to appreciate in value. Like I said before there's passive income with mining so even if they don't move someday it's still profit. Now you've got bitcoin and Ether too I've thought of using Ether yet it takes so long to mine only one.


So how I really want to use these miners for is to provide more equity for Beatzchain converting these cryptocurrencies to Hive, put those profits towards the funding, as well bring stronger distributions for my account users. I'm not going to lie though I'll take some profits to use myself possible use 10% to either reinvest, or put in pocket. I'll keep as many of those coins I can to preserve them to savings as well take profits to get more equipment to mine.

So far now I see how we can make the exchanges it's very simple surprisingly the network will be efficient I'm looking to keep everything as efficient as possible, send the coins to hive, then send them to my coin to keep things flowing.

I encourage smart mining for anyone who's interested anything that creates clean efficient energy is a win! I've got ideas on how I could produce power for these things not only are more clean solutions good for the air but it's good for your wallet more money saved. I'm really going along with what can be done from this point.